Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hoot Hoot

We had a lovely new friend come into our lives last week. I think he is here for good. Jude and Hoot Hoot hit it off rather nicely. Jude decided to teach Hoot Hoot some things about life.

First Hoot Hoot learned to sit and watch TV...

next Jude taught him to play hide and seek...

then how to stand on his head...

and to ride his bike.

Then it was time for lunch...

after which Hoot Hoot caught up on his blog while Jude napped.

Hoot Hoot was also kind enough to help Mama, as
she can be neglectful about her ironing.

Hoot Hoot then decided to show Jude
a thing or to about (ahem) some personal matters.
I'm not sure Jude caught on.

Then Hoot Hoot brushed and flossed his teeth
to impress Jude's Daddy.

Hoot Hoot went to bed early that night. After all,
it had been a busy day learning all those things.
I'm not sure how well he slept though, he seemed
to have his eyes open every time I checked on him...

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