Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mug shot

Ok, so the "about me" picture is the best I can do! In the last year, the only picture I have by myself is this one. I snapped this one while lying on the floor testing settings to make sure they were correct for pics of Jude. Priorities, I know. One eye is closed, my hair is pathetic and I'm pretty sure I have no makeup on. Also note the cameo appearance of bath buddy duck complete with duck slippers. I don't have slippers of humans, I think it's kinda weird...

Anyway, I guess I have to get some better pics, because this one leaves much to be desired. Do you have a good, very flattering pic of me? Send it my way.



  1. I've got the beach pics if you want one of all of you...sorry..don't think I have any solo pics of you! Nice blog! :)

  2. Weird. Oh, whoops, not the pic, the sliver thing. ;)


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