Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dirt, Toes & Shiny Clean Buns

Jude has had some milestone firsts lately.

A few days ago he ate his first handful of dirt. Not just any dirt, but potting soil. Seems my child has refined taste. He wasn't too thrilled to have it in his mouth though. Showing real signs of intelligence that one.

Jude is also growing quite tall. He can now reach doorknobs by standing on his tiptoes, and even is starting to try and turn the knob. Not good. Good thing we have a deadbolt on the front door. At least until he can reach that one. thing we have a chain on the front door. He shouldn't reach THAT for 10 more years.

Along the line of toes, he has discovered that he can see them at the edge of his high chair. He holds his feet up and wiggles his toes, just to look at em. He points at them with an astonished look on his face, "look Mom, see what I can do?"

He also had his first shower. I never thought about giving him a quick wash in the shower, but we have found it works rather nicely. Jude had an interesting diaper lately, and Lance was already taking a shower. So, we tag teamed: Lance held Jude, I did the soap n' scrub, a quick rinse and good to go. Shiny clean buns. Jude kept trying to eat the water spray. Once again, superior intelligence.


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