Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring 2008 Colors and Trends

I was wandering through Pottery Barn the other day. Anyone see their latest catalog? See how bright the spring colors are? I can't believe how bright and bold they are. I was just getting used to the naturals. I am still drawn to more simple colors combo's (except for my kitchen red, of course) and natural blends.

My current favorite color combo is the Stem Green/Rosemary Green and Clinton Brown. But really, how overdone is that?! Doesn't EVERYONE have a chocolate brown wall right now? However, I don't care because I love it. I AM surprised that the bright blues are back! I have not yet stepped into the chocolate brown/light blue/teal color combo. Although this light blue duvet set has haunted me :

Ahhhh... I makes me want to jump in and sleep for a week. Good thing there is some food on the floor (perfectly staged, of course) so Jude wouldn't starve.

I must report that in our current house we are void of color. I love color and the lack of it in my house is making for a dull and boring aura. It makes me sad. But why paint when you know you are moving in 4 short months?



  1. Ummmm, I am taking slight offense to your post. Who has chocolate brown walls (and is about to paint her bathroom a nice warm shade of tan)? And who's living room has the choc. brown/teal-bluish thang going on?? :)

  2. Re-read the paragraph.... I SAID I LOVE IT :)



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