Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Jude and I go on a daily (tire out the baby before he naps) walk around our apartment complex. He knows we're going outside when I pull out his socks, shoes, hat and coat. He sits patiently waiting for his socks and shoes to go on, helps me with his coat, and tolerates his hat. He runs to the door while I get my keys ready to lock it, for he takes off running as soon as the door opens.

He runs right to this big tree outside our apartment.
He says "teeees" and pats it and feels the bark.

Sometimes he plays peekaboo with me.

See the white adirondack chair? More to come on that subject later.

Look Mama, an airplane!

(Mama's thinking about dirty jeans and muddy shoes right now.)

Ooh, MORE teeees!

Here I go! Catch me Mama!

Here's to a LOOONG nap.


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  1. Oh my word, he's SO big now! I can't believe it; glad you're coming so we can spend 2 whole weeks getting to know my nephew who disappears and can say "tees". Maybe I'll teach him some words that will just flat out embarrass you when he speaks them in public?! Ahhh, what are aunts for, if not that?


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