Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Am a Mocha Traitor..

Previously I have written about my undying love of the Peppermint Mocha, especially of the Starbucks variety (I know, I know, all you Sbux haters out there, just hold your comments for now :).

I have drank extra chocolate mochas for my entire adult life...which isn't all that long, but anyways. I have an extremely complicated mocha order :

Venti (Decaf after 2pm), 6 pump chocolate, 3 pump Peppermint (yes, year round) no whip, extra hot, well stirred Mocha…..Please.

So. I was up in L-town for a couple weeks late in February and got to chatting with the new barista at the L-town Starbucks. By the way, they know my family better than I do.

I mentioned how I hated the gritty sludge on the bottom of every mocha, and that I order an extra pump of chocolate to make the mocha more sweet.

Well, she quickly shot down my logic, " We use a bitter chocolate, it isn't sweet at all ".

Alrighty then.

She then suggested a White Chocolate Mocha, which is a sweeter chocolate. Hmm. Never considered that. So, I gave it a shot (teehee, no pun intended).

And, I don't have to order an extra shot of chocolate, any peppermint, and the sludge? It's gone! Woot woot! And, I order it nonfat, cause I am health conscious like that. It tastes yummy.

So, I am a mocha traitor. I switched allegiance to the white chocolate mocha. whip....nonfat white chocolate mocha

(Oh yeah, and decaf after 2 pm, cause I gotta sleep).



  1. You nerd...I can't believe you didn't know that the chocolate was bitter! And I can't believe that I didn't bring that to your attention...I guess I just didn't think about it! But yummy, actually like the white chocolate mochas....for coffee that is! Miss ya!

  2. What fun! Looks like you had the best time! And, whatever that you are soooo beautiful.

  3. LOVE white chocolate from Starbucks... but ONLY from Starbucks! My choice drink is a triple (double when prego) grande nonfat extra hot 2 pump caramel 2 pump white mocha with no whip... please! Should you ever need a change, I'd highly recommend it!



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