Friday, April 4, 2008

Cruise Collage...Part 2

Ahhh, Cabo, you are my friend...

We got off our ship...

and went on a short tendered ride to the harbor.

Check out the rock formations and the secluded beach!

Here I am in all my "HELLO I AM A TOURIST!" glory. Snorkel gear pack, camera case, and lanyard. Hello Mrs. Nerdy. At least I wasn't wearing a fanny pack...

From the harbor we hopped on a short boat taxi to aforementioned beach. It is called Lovers Beach. Uh huh, because we love each other, we got to go.

Hey! It's Mr. Nerdy!

You can see our ship in the background.

Mr. Nerdy trying to set up a camera shot on his geocaching hike.
Nice shot of the Pacific side of Lovers beach.

There you go! Got the shot.

That's my man!

We are happy, tanned, and relaxed.

These are our feet. I always take pictures of my feet when I travel. Notice Mr. Nerdy's sandals? Super cute, huh? BLECH. He would NOT go for the Reef flip flops despite much encouragement from Mrs. Nerdy.

Nice self snapshot...except my head looks about 3 times the size of Mr. Nerdy's head...and the coastline doesn't look quite level. Give me a break, we were on a rocking boat!

The picture is kinda blurry, but you can just make out the signature red and blue COSTCO stripes on the building. This tickled me to no end that there is a Costco at this lovely Mexican destination.

Back on board for more food and fun...

Where I apparently clapped with delight after my scrumptious meal.

Either that, or I am practicing my pose for my new modeling gig.

What? A new modeling gig? Oh wait, I just made that up in my head...


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  1. Ummm....remind me not to cruise with Mr. and Mrs. Nerdy...unless I'm recruiting them as babysitters! LOL! I love you despite your fashion faux pas!


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