Thursday, April 17, 2008

Excerpts from Bubbalu's Instruction Book...

  • He likes to scratch his butt. Why am I telling you this? Just saying, diaper changing may be a challenge, is all.

  • I strip him down after dinner to nothing to “air out” before his bath. He has become increasingly interested in peeing on the carpet. Not the linoleum, the carpet. Just beware. Also, there was a first “dancing in the poop” incident last week that I would rather just forget about. Luckily it was on the linoleum. Once again, beware.

  • He really likes his yogurt, and will not stop eating it unless you stop feeding him. He’s puked it up before because he is overfull. Lesson learned.

  • He is fascinated with electrical outlets. He is NOT allowed to play with them, take out the white child protective plug, etc. He WILL try to do this.

  • He is also fascinated with TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, etc (what kid isn’t?). I try to block him from them, and don’t allow him to play with them. Remotes are fine according to your discretion. Some of your settings may be changed after he’s done playing with them.

  • Watch little toy cars around him as he tries to remove and eat the wheels. Actually, watch his mouth for he tries to eat EVERYTHING. Jewelry, buttons, wallboard, dirt, small toys, paper, electrical plug covers, potpourri, etc. Basically, anything that fits in his mouth, he WILL try to eat.

  • He’s been a daredevil lately, and has started climbing things. Just keep an eye on him as he has been testing heights and climbing ability. He also tends to throw himself down slides without regard to someone catching him. Just so you know.

  • Know that he LOVES his Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, and cousins, and you are making memories for a lifetime that he won’t forget!

    • Thank you again, all of you who watched Bubbalu for us while we off gallivanting around.



      1. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I am about to add you to my faves!

      2. So sweet! My little one once puked up yogurt...all over me. Down the shirt, in my hair...(whole body shiver in process.) I swear I could still smell it on me even after the umpteenth shower!
        I have a list like this as well, which states many of the same thing including if he throws himself on teh ground screaming, try to carry him into a room and leave him there for a while. He'll get over it.

        I'm adding you to my blogroll. Love reading.

      3. I feel slightly left out...I think I'm the only family member who lives in this state who didn't get to care for that little one while you were gone. Then again, if the poop dancing thing would have happened again, I might have puked on him and then HE would have had a lesson learned. LOL!


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