Friday, April 18, 2008

Favorite Find Friday: Franklin School Bus

We have a VERY popular toy around our house. I bought it at a garage sale last summer for $2.00, then took it home and cloroxed the snot out of it. It's been used nonstop since Bubbalu turned eleven months old.

Now presenting....the Franklin School bus :

On the dash are buttons in the shape of Franklin's friends who profess their love of school and learning.

"I want to learn about shapes."

"School time in FUN TIME.

...and my personal favorite:

"I love lunchtime!"

Amen little Franklin friend. Lunchtime was MY favorite part of school as well. Who cares about colors and shapes? Give me the FOOD.

Our Franklin School Bus has seen better days. My Bubbalu has an affinity for sticker peeling, and Franklin is looking naked in some areas, as evidenced by this picture :

Actually, that picture isn't too bad. Since it was taken last week he has removed 3 more stickers from the opposite side.

There is one button that plays the 'Wheels On the Bus' song. If you don't know that song, just wait until you have a kid. You'll know all 37 verses by heart. Really, I'm not kidding.

STILL need to hear it? Click Here.

The song button is Bubbalu's favorite one.

Sometimes, our Franklin School Bus gets LOST. Yep, LOST. We can't find him for HOURS at a time. It is a tragedy. We do manage to find other things to play with, but when we finally "find" the missing Franklin School Bus, happiness and smiles abound.

At least from one of us, that is.



  1. "The wheels on the bus...the wheels...the wheels...the wheels on the....the wheels..." ;)

  2. TOo funny. Yeah, we have the mickey mouse airplane ride on. He got it for christmas last year and LOVES it still! Wheel on the bus is little ones favorite too...I can sing the "move on back" part 6 billion times and he continually says, "agin momma, agin!"

  3. He is just precious!! I love the Franklin "ride"...too cute. I remember my baby boy loving all things that had wheels!HA!

  4. We had a garage sale find like that - it was the big yellow and orange car that they get in and drive. You know the one? My oldest practically LIVED in that thing. Amen to taking someone else's trash and making it your treasure!

  5. I've got a new post, check it out!!!

  6. Aren't those garage sale finds the best? I Clorox the snot out of that stuff too!

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