Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Letter to Sarah Jessica Parker...

Dear Sarah Jessica Parker :

I have enjoyed perusing your new stylish clothing line on the website, Bitten, and have been very impressed with the style and affordability of the clothing shown. I have even gone so far as to visit the nearest Steve & Barry’s, the store that exclusively sells your clothing line, in order to try on and purchase many pieces of your line.

I am writing to inform you that I was unable to find any of the previously mentioned cute articles of clothing (that I had dibs on) I wanted to purchase (HOUNDS TOOTH COAT!). My lovely sister could not even find the cute white coat.

We DID, however, find some cute black dresses to try on. And just so you know, REAL women have curves.

I really want to like your clothing line and be a repeat customer. Is there any way you could ship the Hounds tooth coat and brown tee directly to my house? And maybe the white coat to my sister, because I like her and all.

Thank you for your timely consideration in this matter,



  1. Maybe we should start a petition! And just to add, real women like color! I mean I LOVE black, but sometimes, throw in a little pink or purple or even red! And NO MORE HORIZONTAL STRIPES...did you not get the memo on that?

  2. Yeah, what's up with that? I couldn't find the coat either.

  3. I have some rockin bitten jeans - love them!


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