Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Loot Report...

I mentioned over a week ago that my sister, Mom and I were heading out to a huge community wide garage sale happening that Saturday. The day turned out be full of sunny weather, good deals, and full bladders. Oh, and a few laughs.

OK, so here we go, the official loot report.

The grand total for the loot pictured here is $1.25, however, my Mom said the crayons were WAY overpriced. Actually, they weren't priced and I offered a quarter. Mom said she woulda offered ten cents. That lady drives a hard bargain :

We popped the Martina CD in the car and sang (screeched) Independance Day while joyriding from one sale to the next. It was glorious.

By the way, when you buy CD's at a garage sale/thrift store/estate sale, whathaveyou, be sure to look inside the case and ensure the actual CD is still in there. Not that it's ever happened to us, I'm just sayin. Cause maybe my Dad would be listening to the Doobie Brothers right now if that ever DID happen to us. Like I said, I'm just saying...

And now for some some lovely action shots of the garagers.

This is my lovely sis, BrownEyedGirl, gloating cause she stole shotgun from me:

Or, maybe she's just looking to me for support in cajoling my Mom to stop for a bathroom break because seriously? We each drank one of these:

I realize you can't see the picture very well, but it's a 24 ounce Venti Starbucks water cup. Notice it's empty? That's because all the liquid was in my bladder screaming to get out.

Also, notice the person you can see through the windshield? That might be our creepy garage sale stalker guy. He befriended my Mom, cause she's cute and all, and wouldn't stop talking to her. She looked at us with the universal, "get me out of here, he is creepy!" look plastered on her face. We tried, oh yes we did, but he just kept showing up at the other sales we went to. We'd jump back in that Blazer before he could say (again) ,"hey, funny seeing you guys again!".

Ewww. ~Insert involuntary shudder~

Mkay, moving on, here's Mom holding her garaging power juice cup (Starbucks) and wondering why she can't get the gas pump to work. We had us some troubles at the AMPM station. We finally figured it out and motored off in search of more sales.

And oh yeah, here I am in all my Cheshire cat grinning glory, so excited to be garaging after a long break from the sport:

See? Uncanny resemblance. Except I'm not a cat nor pink.

Can I just say I should win MVP of the day in the Garaging category? I researched, planned routes, and provided entertainment for all involved. Definitely MVP. Ok, maybe Sportsmanship award, cause Mom and Becca? They're crazy bargain finders. CRAZY.

Anways, here is a pic of some more loot we obtained. We hit the motherload of garage sales, a hip young woman looking to get rid of bags and bags of uber chic clothing, jewelry and shoes. And, all her profits went to charity, so we just had to partake.

So, that's not even the stuff that stayed in the back of the Blazer. We also purchased a Pac 'n play, two child-sized IKEA chairs, three wall mount shelves, one large wall cabinet, one medicine cabinet, one vase with flowers, one triple fold white wood cut-out fireplace screen, two lights and sounds cars for Bubbalu and really? I don't even remember what else.

What I do know? We had fun, we bought stuff, and our wallets weren't THAT much lighter.

I would say the day was a success...



  1. Ok I can't tell which I am leaving comments on now that I pulled up numerous screens... but WHOA on the Starbuck's!!

    The garage sale-ing pics... you are too darn adorable and hilarious. I LOVE the blog and the savings! :D

  2. You look so darn pretty garage sale-ing!! I would have pulled my hair back and went with NO makeup! I am glad yall had so much dad used to be a garage sale fool back in the day!
    So Love reading your blog!

  3. Love all the stuff! Did you get more details from the chic selling her stuff? Sounds like it would have a good story behind it. Or she is just really broke...

  4. I think I know what I want to do this weekend... Looks like you had a blast!


  5. Wow, I am so jealous! You guys did some great garage-saleing (totally not a word). The garage sales in our area are awful...they consist of people trying to sell the contents of their junk drawers.

  6. Whatta haul!!

    I haven't been garage sale-ing in ages!

  7. I'm jealous... wish I could have joined you guys because you obviously had a great time! :) And it was sunny (amazing)!


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