Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maternity Swimwear Debate of '08...

I am leaving the quiz up for a while, but as we stand right now:

  • 33% say go for the Bikini
  • 67% say go for the Tankini or Maternity one piece

A total of 18 voters. That's it?! No one else has major maternity fashion advice? Hmmm, are you sure?

Mkay, I promised to reveal my intense feelings and deep thoughts over maternity belly fashion.

  • As most of you know, I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I see pregnant bellies all the time. I think large preggers tummies are adorable and healthy.

  • They signal job security. I think to myself, "yep, there's another one, looks like I'm still in business".

  • I like seeing pregnant women. When I see someone who is visibly pregnant (I first make SURE I know she is) I usually meet their eye and smile with the universal "I know that you have a miracle growing inside of you, I've experienced it too and am happy for you" look that many women give to each other. The same sorta look is exchanged between Mama's pushing strollers and carrying little their bambinos in their respective Moby Wrap/ring sling/Bjorn/Ergo, etc.

  • HELLO! the first time in your mature woman's life where you don't feel the need to suck in while wearing a bathing suit! In fact, people admire your tummy with approval. Bikini? Yes please.

  • Pregnancy is not something to hide. Why be ashamed? It's not a disease or an unsightly blemish. ( Granted, I may feel that way because my pregnancy with Bubbalu was free from nausea, puking or stretch marks. Before you send me hate comments, know that I paid my dues in the end and in the first 6 months of Bubbalu's life. Maybe someday I'll tell those stories.)

  • It is a MIRACLE.

So, I am in favor of a bikini on a pregnant woman.

Whaddyall think? On my side or not? And, just for kicks, go here and vote if you haven't participated yet...



  1. I, for one, would be TOTALLY uncomfortable with my big 'ol belly sticking out of a bikini. I have a few friends during their pregnancy that let it show, though. I'm with you, IT IS without a doubt a miracle, but I still prefer the, at least, tankini route. I can't help it, I'm a modest chick :-)

  2. I am all for the bikini...first time in my life I'm not ashamed of my belly and I'm gonna show it off! Thanks for sticking up for should have heard people at the salon trying to change my mind yesterday!!!


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