Saturday, May 3, 2008

She Works Hard For The Money...Or Not...*Updated!*

Here's what REALLY happened today:

  • Go see the opening of boat day here in Seattle with Lance and Bubbalu. *It rained so we quickly bagged that idea.

  • Put away laundry from yesterday (*ahem* Tuesday). *OK, so LANCE put away Tuesday's laundry...we folded yesterday's laundry, and now it will sit on my bed until I go to bed tonight, at which time I will transfer it to the floor, where it will stay until the NEXT time I do laundry and decide I need the laundry basket.

  • Fold and put away the laundry still in the dryer. *Folded, not put away!

  • Make a roast in the crock pot. *LANCE made the crock pot roast, while I yelled directions from the couch. I was watching a REALLY good show. I don't remember what it was, but it MUST have been good.

  • Pre-make cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning breakfast. *Haven't done this one yet, and I may still have time. The jury's out on this one.

  • Maybe go to REI to pick out some gifts for Hubby. *Hey! Lookey there, I actually did something on my list! Woot woot for me! Actually, Woot Woot! for Lance, he got the newest TOPO and map printer paper. Not on the top of my list for a gift, but he's smiling!

  • Probably clean the house. *Like I even have to say...

Did anyone else ditch their Saturday chores or was it just me? At least I worked out, that's gotta count for something. I washed my hair! I also took a nap around noon because I had woken up early expecting to go to work.

So clearly, I had a hard day...



  1. Very funny. I ditched most of my chores too and attended a women's conference. But my hubby is still recovering from back surgery so things got pretty far behind, but that's ok.

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog to say HI! Your blog is so fun to read! I am such a wal mart shopper myself! PS Kenny ROCKED!

  3. I had to work, so I had no choice! I updated my blogs for you....

  4. I very happily tossed my chores out the window and drove off into the rain. Literally. I stood under an umbrella all morning, but it was worth it to nix my duties.


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