Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sometimes My Brain Is Not On...

I went to Costco this morning with my sister.

I LOVE me some Costco. I always say that I could live there. The concession food is good and very cheap, there is endless entertainment (picture me with a stack of newly released books in a lazy-boy chair down the furniture aisle), I could try on a bunch of new clothes, and I could clean up any mess I make.

Do you realize they have Mocha's for a buck!? Well, it's like $1.08 with the tax. And if you smile really nice they might add extra chocolate for those people who tend to like (need) a bit of extra chocolate.

I had to restrain myself from getting two. Get one before you start shopping and down it while you pick out your chicken nuggets and laundry detergent and try the teriyaki rice bowl sample, then pick one up on the way out to fuel the drive home.

Because it is so stressful and all.

Actually, our trip took a smidge longer than planned today. We were walking to the car, Becca wrestling with the over sized shopping cart laden with Costco goodness and me digging in the abyss of my purse to find my keys.

Which we finally spotted in the ignition.

I must have been so hyped up on all the Costco possibilities that I forgot to take them with me. Good thing it's covered by our insurance. Lance had emergency roadside service added to our plan a few years ago.

I think my husband knows me too well.

So, half an hour and a $92.00 receipt to submit for refund later, we were back in our car.

See? Sometimes the brain takes a little break. Hopefully it is well rested now.

To make myself feel better, I did some shopping. Here's a link to the new ring I picked out.



  1. I mean the keys in the car thing. I've been to Costco a bazillion times and still counting. I LOVE Costco. Can we say addicted?

  2. HAHA!! Sounds like preggo brain to me! But that's kinda all I can think about right now, lol!

  3. I seriously think we might be separated at birth. Not only because of our love of clothes and Costco but because I have locked my keys in my car more times than I can count.

  4. You're so funny, A. We're huge Costco fans too -- tried to convert Jae's sis & his bro-in-law, but they are still resisting. (They're pretty stubborn; it has been about 8 years of relentless RAVING about Costco =) ha ha)

  5. I've yet to go to the Costco. I hear its heavenly. That's why I stay away! :-)

  6. At least the car wasn't running with the keys locked in it...that would be SUPER embarrassing!! Oh wait..yeah, I've done that. twice.

  7. I've got to find me a COSTCO!!! :) Sounds like fun....

  8. When I was in college, I just kept a hanger twisted around the bumper of Little Red Chevette. I remember my boyfriend making fun of me - until I went to that bumper, disentangled the hanger, and unlocked my car.

    And Costco is my kids' favorite place on the planet. Throw in a Smoothie and they are fit to be tied. Some parents take their kids to Disneyworld...I take mine to Costco.

  9. I love Costco too, especially the free samples they give away. :) I have a hard time even finding my keys most. Nice.

  10. That ring has some nice bling bling to it.

    I love the get the $10 whole pizza from Costco and have it for dinner that night. It's pretty good! And my daughter loves all the free samples.

    Costco is one of my favorite places to shop.

  11. Let me know when you get the ring..we'll match. Just got the same one last week. :)

  12. OKay I use to do that once a I feel ya! So what they heck with the ring...that's is awesome!!! Are you getting engaged?

    Me likey Costco also!

  13. LOL-I think my brain went on vacation and never returned. I miss Costco! Reading about your fun day brought back good memories of my own. I know, you'd think I was writing about going to Hilton Head or something...but Costco and Ikea...could so live in both of them.

  14. That's a funny story:)
    I love the RING!! wow!

    your blog is TOO cute!

    Thanks for visitin my blog & leavin a comment :) come back soon!


  15. Michigan MarissaJune 2, 2008 at 12:53 PM

    Wow only one ring in inventory! One left for me! :)

  16. Your site is nice! I love the background of your blog:)

  17. Note to self: renew AAA membership! Will check out the mochas next time--I usually grab a churro for the kiddos--all my loot gets sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, but it keeps them quiet til we get to the free sample grannies :)

  18. Oh no!! I love Costco too, but we have a membeship to Sam's currently. Same difference. I totally have a vision of you in the Lazyboy with a book and a mocha. Hilarious!!!! And now that I think about it, you *really* could live there!

  19. Hiya! Just blog surfing! I had to laugh, I usually "lose" my purse!! Also the ring!! I told my husband, when he was my boyfriend, that I wanted a 5 carat diamond ring!! Poor guy actually looked into it! I'm lucky he didn't drop kick me out of the truck (while it was moving!!)
    Oh well don't ask , don't get? I will have to check in for a laugh! Great page!


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