Monday, June 16, 2008

Eat Your Vegetables Day

Tomorrow, June 17, is Eat Your Vegetables Day. It makes me crabby just thinking about it.


It is not because I dislike vegetables. Quite the contrary, really. There's nothing better than a steaming plate of veggies. Well, maybe chocolate. And cake. And ice cream...OK never mind.

Anyways, there is a certain little someone living in our home who hasn't voluntarily eaten a vegetable in approximately 2 months.

Yes, Bubbalu is a picky eater.

I had a whole plan to avoid the picky-eaterness that plagues some parents. I diligently fed Bubbalu homemade baby food, saving the sweeter foods for later. He happily gulped down everything I offered to him. Peas, broccoli, carrots, green beans, everything!

Now? Not so much. I have written of my frustration before, where I said that Bubbalu ate 3 peas in the past week. I should have realized then that 3 peas a week meant a GOOD week.

I've tried disguising veggies and sneaking them in with another bite of something tasty, but they always get spit out. Maybe he's getting some nutritional benefit from just sucking on them for a 1/2 second.

We are giving him vitamins and I've actually started giving him fruit and vegetable juice blends.

I know about the recently published books about hiding veggies in everyday food, but are the recipes easy? Do they really work? Or do the kids catch on?

"Uh, Mom, why does my jello taste like broccoli?."

My MIL has suggested smoothies laced with squash puree, and I have yet to try it. Mostly because I already packed my blender and food processor.

So, do any of you have any good veggie tricks and recipes for stubborn toddlers?



  1. I don't have a picky toddler... but I do have a picky husband. I just hope our kids don't end up like him. I love veggies!

  2. I have no helpful advice. The Wog was never a picky eater as a baby, but as a toddler...I would not call him picky as much as "anti-food"... he's not interested in eating at all. But, he drinks plenty of milk, so I know he's getting something good in him.

    My pediatrician just told me it was my job to put good food in front of him and it's his job to eat it. So, I'm just trying to go with it.

    I will be checking back here for ideas, though!

  3. Sorry, I haven't tried many of those trick recipes.
    Out of my five kids that have gown through toddlerhood, two tried to be picky. (We'll see how this littlest one does!) They didn't have to clean their plate (I didn't need a war!) but they also didn't get a snack later to fill their hungry tummies because they refused to eat. They eventually ate veggies, cheerfully.
    I have a Mean Mommy badge, though. :)

    Keep offering them. It'll pass!

  4. I like to sneak just a tad of things into other things, so they don't see or taste it. I put bell peppers in any and everything. They are loaded with Vitamin C. I just dice them in bits, freeze them and toss them in.

    I also like to add pureed stuff to sauces and beans and stuff.

    Good luck!

  5. I have abnormal children that love vegetables. I don't know where they came from, but I'm sure I can't take credit for their taste buds.

    I think the most important thing is just to keep trying the visible vegetables though. Taste buds do change especially in toddlers.

    I have the 'deceptively delicious' cookbook. The recipes are actually pretty good, they just require a lot of prep work. Much like making baby food....a lot of pureeing and freezing. I don't do a lot of them now but I'm sure I'll do more once I'm making baby food for this next one.

    Another thing, is when they get involved in the process of planting growing and picking, they are much more likely to try it.

    Any-who....hang in there!! And try not to beat yourself up. He'll come around.

  6. I have a friend with a picky husband eater and she did find one of those recipe books about hiding veggies. The only one I've heard about so far is the broccolli brownies. He thought they were a little dry but didn't notice the veggies. I would give it a try. That and the smoothie idea. I love reading your blogs they are so hilarious! Good work, and miss ya!

  7. My kids love Bug Soup. I just make a good beef and vegetable soup and run it through the food processor (a blender will do the job, too) for a couple of seconds (low soup juice content) and add a chunk or two of un-processed meat on top. The kids giggle and eat it. And yes, several of those hide-your-zucchini-in-a-brownie recipes are easy and work well! We also abide by the 'you don't have to eat it but you get nothing until the next meal if you don't' rule. It's hit or miss. Depends on the child's mood, ya know?

  8. Ok Girl friend. I went/ am going through/ it comes in phases the same stuff. I did the same things you have mentioned. Crazy kid loved his veggies and then just stopped. He went like 3 months (4) without eating one single veg. He did however like those veggie chips, not the chips that look liek potato chips but like the freeze dried veggies. I can get him to eat the green beans and he calls them chips so...there you go. I did buy Jessica Seinfeld's book and let me tell you...ingenious! My kid has no idea what he is eating. I but squash in his pancakes, I now make his chicken nuggets which are laced with sweet potato and yes, spinach. And there are other really good recipes in there that even my husband approves of. Google her website and trya few. You will be surprised. And just keep offering the veggies, even if you have to smother them in ketchup or ranch!

  9. Ick I hate veggies myself so I have no tips. Im so bad I never make anyone eat veggies in these parts because I hate them so much lol

  10. I have one of those too. The hidden food recipes are good and you really can't taste the veggies, but they seem time consuming to me.

    My picky eater is no 4 1/2 and is finally starting to (very gradually) try new foods. She now likes a small handful of veggies. Just keep trying is the best advice I can give you.

  11. Okay, I bought the cookbook by Seinfeld's wife, but my son was too old and figured out that I was spiking his food with grossness. Bubbalu might still be young enough that he wouldn't notice. I'll send you my copy if you want it!!

    With BJ, I just started with greenbeans. I would open a can, or steam a bunch of fresh ones and keep them in a tupperware bowl in the fridge. I put them on his plate for every meal. Even breakfast. After about 2 weeks, he looked down, picked one up and just ate it. Then he said, "Mommy, these are good!" Next was broccoli. Same thing. He now eats carrots (not cooked), broccoli, green beans, asparagus (sometimes), and cauliflower. He hates tomatoes though. Which baffles me, becasue I'm in love with them.

    Hope that helps ;)


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