Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eye Think We Have A Problem...

I wrote this late last night :

Today I am in an El Crappiola mood.

I woke up this morning pretty tired after a night of having my husband try to steal my pillows while he slept. WHAT was he dreaming about? Finally about 4 AM I was giggling about the whole annoying thing thinking, "What's so special about my pillows? They are no different than the last 3 you stole from me and discarded in a pile on the floor". Apparently he thinks I am his never-ending pillow distribution center.

Anyways. Despite (or maybe because of) the pillow war of '08, he let me sleep in a bit and got up with Bubbalu.

I finally woke up and opened my eye. Yep, my EYE. As in singular.

I thought that maybe because my face was squashed into my last remaining pillow that it just got stuck from all the eye goo.

I tried to open my eyes really wide, but it didn't really help.

Perplexed, I walk into our bathroom and am greeted by my face sporting a right eye that is SO swollen it can open 1/4 of what it should.

My face is a thing of beauty, let me tell you. With the loss of my tan (because of my 6 week first trimester cave dwelling recluse season), dry itchy skin in the T-Zone, and oil and zits everywhere else, I am feeling quite haggish.

I actually laughed as I went down the stairs to show Lance. He laughed too. Then he took a picture of my face.

I stopped laughing when I saw the pic.

I don't think I have enough self-esteem to post my eye trauma pic. Believe me, you should be spared the horror.

Reason? Cause? Diagnosis? I don't know. I have been quite delectable for mosquitoes lately. Why, even this morning I woke with 4 new bites! Could I have gotten bit on the eyelid? Maybe. But I don't see any bite on my eyelid. Could the culprit be the new (actually really very old) eyeliner I used on Sunday because I ran out of my normal stuff? My eye is clear, no visual problems (despite the blockage of sight!) and I am wholly confused.

At least the swelling did go down quite a bit with cold compresses. I wore sunglasses all day, and (of course) managed to smear my mascara all over the place, making me look like a raccoon with one really puffy eye!

Oh so very cute.

SEE? El Crappiola mood. Tomorrow can only get better.

My other eye better behave tonight.

This morning my eye looks about the same...so off to the Dr. I go. My other eye DID behave, although I do have another mosquito bite on my leg, bringing the total to five. What is WITH this mosquito!?

I must be quite tasty.



  1. oh that stinks!! But a posted picture would make it all better I am pretty sure.

  2. LOL...I'm sorry that I find your misery humerous! :) Hope the eye swelling does go down though.

  3. that stinks! Hope it goes down soon!

  4. you need to post that pic! :) Maybe you have a mosquito issue in the new house?? I've heard of weirder things. Hope you feel (look) better soon! :)

  5. Bless your heart. I wouldn't be able to post the picture if it was my either!

    Hope it gets better soon!

  6. Hang in there! I hope it goes well for you.

  7. Oh, you have to post the picture.

    Pink eye or an eye infection. That's my diagnosis from afar : ).

  8. Oh so sorry! I've never personally had anything like that, but my kids have had pink eye and it is nasty.

    Your husband's humor sounds strangely similar to my husband's. Go figure.....

  9. We've done the pillow tug-of-war too- actually it's been a regular event lately.
    Hope that eye heals up!

  10. Soory girlie! That's not fun! Hope it all works out. Are you eating bananas because you know those squitoes like those who eat bananas!

  11. It's good to have you back, puffed eye and all. :)

  12. I would never post that kind of photo of myself, but I totally want to see yours -- especially since you let it be known that there IS a picture of your eye in all of its glory! Does that make me a not-so-good friend? Hugs to Jude & Lance...don't really want to get too close to you ;)

  13. Hope you feel better soon, whatever it is that's wrong with your eyeball.

    When I'm pregnant, I get two body pillows. Add that to my hubby's one and then put two bodies in the bed. And we only have a queen size bed. We don't fight over pillows, but it's because we can't move.

  14. oh that stinks! i hope you feel better and SOON!

  15. Hope your eye's much better. So sorry about today; we'll just try to see you guys next time. Glad that you are feeling well with #2! (Ella kept asking why we didn't go to Jude's house! I think she misses Lance!)


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