Friday, August 1, 2008

Ivory Blessings...

I am a closet piano player.

What that means is, I truly enjoy playing and singing, but freeze when I know others are listening. I get nervous, start hitting wrong notes and end up just quitting whatever it is I am playing. I am a decent player, but am NOTHING like my dear friend Ms. SmileWon, whose musical talent stuns me.

I took 5+ years of piano lessons as a child, and am the only one of my piano-educated siblings to continue playing into adulthood; notwithstanding my secret playing.

At any rate, I have been asking my husband for a piano for 8 years, and last week, my wish came true. My Mom and Dad gave me the piano I learned to play on, the piano my Dad refinished by hand.

Here are the guys unloading the hulking piano from my brother-in-law's utility truck (thanks Dust!) :

We greatly recommend renting a piano dolly for anyone considering moving a large unwieldy piano. And when I say "we" I really do mean Lance and everyone else in the pictures. Notice I'm not in any of the pictures? I was SUCH a big help.

Here is my Dad positioning the dolly under the piano for ease of movement (he wasn't allowed to do any lifting) :

Up the steps it comes...lift with your legs guys!!!

Also, lay down some plywood or some such material to protect your floors from being damaged.

Oh wait, there IS a picture of Mama holding onto Bubbalu, who was none too thrilled at not being allowed to play under the feet of the muscled piano movers:

See? Mama's VERY excited about her piano delivery!

Final positioning against the wall :

And there you have it, my beautiful piano. Sorry I cut your head off Lance, I was just so excited about my piano :

How to move a piano, VintageDutchGirl style:
  1. Find LOTS of strong, nice friends and plan a piano moving party

  2. Make sure one of these friends has a truck and utility trailer that can handle heavy loads

  3. Rent Piano Dolly - cost us 10 bucks

  4. Send hubby to Ace to buy many sets of work gloves (as pictured above, modeled by my headless husband)

  5. Obtain necessary floor protection equipment - blankets under plywood prevent scratching on wood floors

  6. Move piano...lifting with your legs!

  7. After the muscled movers catch their breath, shuffle them into dining room to chow down on chips, salsa, and 7 layer Mexican dip and cooled soda pop.

  8. Send them out the door with their parting gifts of work gloves and a set of stretching instructions.

  9. Play piano to your hearts delight...once everyone has left, of course.

I've been playing musical scores, old hymns, praise and worship songs and a smattering of classical work.

My newest piano music desire is the Pride and Prejudice music book:

Maybe my husband will just happen to read this post and wish to treat me.

Actually, I am receiving a treat tomorrow. My sister and I are flying out to Phoenix for 7 days of sun, reading, resting and the privilege of watching a dear cousin walk down the aisle in a stunning white gown...sigh.

I will not be providing piano accompaniment at the wedding. My hands will be too busy mopping my face...



  1. Yay! I too am a closet piano player... I have a piano but it is at my parents house until we get an actual house. =)
    Have fun in Phoenix!

  2. You crack me up. Congrats and HAVE FUN!

  3. NINE years of piano over here. I plan on forcing my daughter to start next year. Nothing relives stress more than sitting down and tickling the ivories. Come out of the closet!!

  4. Or you could do it Megan's way and demand it be done before I'm home from work, or else! And then give big thank you's to the helpers later. your ways nicer! :) Love the pic of you and Jude...and can't wait to see the house...still waiting but my fault not yours.

  5. Oooh, I love Phoenix weddings for cousins! Had one myself in May.

  6. You are so funny! Congrats on the piano! That is exciting

  7. What a special gift. I have always dreamt of playing the piano. I envy you. Enjoy the wedding.

  8. Wow! I have never played the piano, but did play the flute and regret giving it up.

  9. Okay, a few questions:

    When did you hear me play -- piano or violin? I seriously don't remember.

    How did Jude get so big in 2 months?

    Why are you not performing for others? You're being modest, right?

    How come you don't look at all pregnant? You still look slim as usual.

    Much love :)

    (So glad I checked out your blog today. I completely forgot to send Jude's clothes :( I'll do it someday...)


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