Tuesday, September 9, 2008

He's Agrowin'...

I took Bubbalu to his well-child visit at his new pediatric clinic today. All is well and good.

I LUV going to Pediatric visits. I may be kinda nerdy that way. Or, maybe because I'm a nurse and like to chat with others in the medical field? Who knows.

I'm an information person. I like to know Bubbalu's growth percentages, weight gain, newly accurate acetaminophen dosaging and to have my finnicky questions answered.

I also see it as a way to validate how I'm doing as a mother. "Is my beloved offspring, the object of my continued attention and affection, thriving?"

I found it funny that they wrote directly on the growth graph: Father is 6'4".

He's just like his Papa.

Could it really be that I am THIS blessed?



  1. Not really a comment about the recent post, but I did see you put up the new breastfeeding sign. Love it! We just put ours up in my office last week.

  2. Makes you proud huh! I'm the same way...Part of me wants to be like...Look what he can do...and when they ask how many words he speaks I would love to list them all! So good to be mommy!


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