Friday, October 24, 2008


Last Friday evening we went to a surprise birthday party luau for one of my dear Aunts. A good time was had by all, we got kinda silly and had some good ole fun. (My family is kinda nuts, but we are proud of it!)

Because y'all have been hounding me, here is my belly shot...even though my eyes are closed and the sunglasses make me look like a bug. A tropical bug, but a bug nonetheless.

Mama's little tropical bug:

Complete with flower leis and blue tractor:

And then we got decorative inklings and turned him into this:

Why? Because it's FUN.



  1. Love the belly shot...and I even like the bug-eyes!

  2. Great pics! Sweet belly. Are you still an OB nurse. I have not worked L&D since before my Triplets were born and to tell you the truth I have no intention of going bad.

    little man is adorable!

  3. How cute are you!! What a sweet little belly! Great pics!!


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