Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craigslist Rocks...

I was having a hard time finding a not too girly car seat that wasn't too boyish. Did that make any sense? I don't want ALL pink and ALL flowers, but I didn't want (like) the gender neutral patterns.

I DID know I wanted a Graco SnugRide, as we used one before with Bubbalu and loved it. Plus, it is a Consumer Reports Best Buy. Sounds good to me.

So I'm a strolling through a baby superstore a month or so ago and see an adorable pattern that is PERFECT. Chocolate brown with some pink and hint of sticks.

I am a girl who loves some sticks.

Here it is:

The Cherry Blossom line from Graco.

Perfect! OK, let's go pick up the car seat and we're done shopping for the day.
What's that you say? You CAN'T buy the car seat alone? You need the entire travel system? Uh, I already own a perfectly capable stroller, thank you very much!

Enter Craigslist.

I searched around hoping that someone might have fallen in love with the travel system but no longer needed just the car seat.

I DO realize that my chances were slim...

But guess what? I FOUND IT. I think I jumped up and down and embarrassed the neighbor with my victory dance in the front office room, but that's OK by me.

Check it out:

Ahhh, it STILL makes me smile. Less than 9 months old, in SUPER shape, a GREAT deal, no car accidents, all manuals and papers with it and...

...drumroll please...

the matching swing that was ALSO less than 9 months old, in SUPER shape, a GREAT deal, no car accidents (although a swing in a car accident would just be weird) and all manuals and papers included with it!

And yes, I did need a swing. I didn't just cave in because it's cute. I had borrowed one when Bubbalu was a baby and was in need of one for this little girl.

Don't you just love a good deal? Should I also brag about my new boots that I got for $20 that are originally priced at $79?

No? Too much for today? OK, maybe later...



  1. Oh yes, I lurve a good deal.

    Those are super cute. We had a travel-sized swing but didn't drag it back here when we moved. Everyone tells me the full-sized is actually more baby-loved anyway. Not that there's a baby in my immediate future, mind you.

  2. Great pattern and what an awesome find. I have never bought anything off of craigslist or ebay. I know shameful isn't it.

  3. I love craigslist.

  4. I heart Craigslist. I'd actually like to meet Craig and kiss him!!

    I love the pattern. It is perfect - not too girl, but not neutral. Way to go on that fabulous score. So please, tell us about your boots!!

  5. Super cute. I hate that Craigs List here isn't as active as our old place. Love the quilt, too!

  6. It makes me happy when I hear about or get my own bargain deals. So excited for your excitement :)


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