Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jump Frog Jump!!!

We took Bubbalu out to our brother Alec's cross country meet a few weeks ago. It was sorta crummy weather, but Alec ran great.

The highlight of the trip (sorry Al!) was when I spotted a tiny green frog jumping his way across a huge field. Bubbalu was VERY interested:

I see it Daddy! I do!

OK, I really don't see it. Daddy where is it?

Silly Daddy put it right on my boot!

Mommy? If I am a VERY good boy today can I take my froggy friend home?

Not today sweetie, fish are all that we can handle right now...


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  1. I love the frog on the boot! Rain boot are great! I need to get BJ some since it's been raining so much and it's a muddy mess.

    You look wonderful too!! We need to see some pregnant mommy shots. You know, the ones where we can actually see your cute belly ;)


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