Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Es Muy Delicioso...

A cute friend of mine asked me for a recipe a good 6 weeks or so ago, so here we go! Sorry for the delay Sarah...

Crock pot Taco Soup

-One pound ground beef or some chicken
-One can kidney beans (drained)
-One can corn (drained)
-One can pinto beans (drained)
-One large can (28oz) diced tomatoes
-One dinky can diced green chilies
-Taco seasoning

1. Brown the ground beef and put in crock pot. OR, if using chicken, boil chicken until done, shred with 2 forks and put in crock pot. Not sure how to shred chicken? Spear chicken piece with one fork and attack it with the other in a clawing motion to shred it. Still not clear? I'm not sure I know how to help you...

2. Add the large can of undrained diced tomatoes, the dinky can of undrained diced green chilies, and the drained cans of pinto beans, corn and kidney beans.

3. Throw some taco seasoning in the mix until it tastes good. Maybe add a dash of black pepper, some salsa or some hot sauce if you're feeling gourmet or you like some kick to your food.

3. Cook on high a few hours or low a bunch of hours.

4. Serve with cut up avocado, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips.

Some people prefer to put all the "toppings" in the bottom of the bowl, spoon the soup on top of the whole mess and eat it just like soup. Me? I put the toppings on the top (where they belong!)and scoop up my soup with tortilla chips.

My method DOES require hoarding of the tortilla chip bag to ensure you have enough proper scoop-worthy tortilla chips, but oh well.

Most of my dinner mates forgive me by the end of the meal. I DO offer to share at least once during consumption and if they don't jump at the chance, who do they have to blame!?

I do have to acknowledge that this super yummy recipe was shared by my friend Tay who was kind and gracious to cook this lovely dish up for our family during a trying time.

This soup is easy, pleasing to the stomach, and makes great leftovers, so while you're at it, make it a double batch and enjoy it for a few more days. OR...bring some to me!



  1. I have had this recipe before and it is delicious and so easy! In fact, I think I might make it tongiht, but I am using a rotisseri chicken because I am too lazy to cook.

    I am starting a recipe blog and I'm going to invite my favorite bloggers to submit recipes for it. Are you game?!

  2. That is the easiest Taco Soup recipe I've seen! It'll be in next week's rotation! Thanks for sharing!


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