Thursday, November 20, 2008

If You Can't Beat Em...

Not to be outwitted by my doctor, I managed to hit up Wallyworld and still follow my bed rest guidelines:

Nice ride, huh? Unfortunately I kept crashing into store display shelves and nearly took out a frightened 9 year old. My Mom laughed at me the whole time, especially when I would back up and the cart would beep.

See the cute little holiday dress I found for baby girl? Wallyworld seems to be the best (and cheapest) place I've found for preemie clothing. I am completely stocked up on diapers, sleepers and a few holiday outfits in the hard-to-find preemie size.

I DID leave the tags on, cause you never know. Maybe this little pipsqueak will decide that chocolate milk and custard made by her great grandma helps to add some chubs.

I still can't believe I drove myself around Walmart in a motorized cart. I am a super fast mall walker. I DON'T stroll.

I did made sure to stick my belly out really far to invoke sympathy and right-of-way. Didn't always work, but you gotta try, right?



  1. Love the dress.. you are too cute!! BTW you look awesome

  2. That is pretty stinkin funny. So sorry about the bed rest. At least you are managing getting out and about though.

  3. Hey Amanda
    I came across your blog while reading your sisters pregnancy announcement!! We feared that our children would also be extremely early due to pre-term labor. Out of that fear and knowing that Grace would be at least two weeks early I bought all of the preemie must haves as well. I was lucky enough to come across a huge sale at gymboree...other than that though Walmart is the best option. We will be praying that you can keep this little one in as long as possible.
    jessica jager

  4. You are absolutely right - they do seem to have the largest selection of preemie clothes. I stocked up for both of my girls - neither of which were preemies - just because I like my clothes to look like they fit!! And those first six-eight weeks, preemie clothes are the ticket.

    Also, FYI, I get ALL my kids' jammies there, too. (All year 'round.) ONLY Child of Mine, you know, made by Carter's? They have the same sleepers and other jammies sold in Carter's stores but a few bucks cheaper.

  5. Hilarious! Priceless and she better appreciate all you did/do for her! Love the dress...isn't the shopping fun! I have been told to stop for the time!

  6. Remember the "feet up" portion of the doctor's orders? I don't want to see this baby come too early, now you be careful! Mimi's orders!!! :)

  7. The cutest, pregnant VALUED CUSTOMER at Walmart I've seen. Love that picture of you. (I immediately remembered your old post about the peppermint mocha hoarding ;) ha ha)

  8. SAAWEEEEEET ride! LOL. I never had the nerve to drive one of those carts when I was pg with my tiplets.....I should have! I'm afraid I would have totally destroyed the store by the time I left. LOL

    GREAT dress.

  9. Hahahaha.... Sweet wheels, I can totally picture you riding on it and running and backing into everything! (because I'd do that same thing) hahahaha


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