Friday, January 23, 2009

And Then Bubbalu Turns 2...

Or 2 years and 29 days, but whatever.

We decided to celebrate Bubbalu's birthday a bit late because:

So, after I made his truck cake we invited the fam over for coffee, presents and cake.

Opening an alphabet puzzle (which he has almost mastered!) :

A 'TEEE-RUCK!' rug:

Hmmm, what's in here:

Nice look, Daddy. Your head looks HUGE:

The cowboy hat is for Bubbalu to wear when riding the stick horse he got for Christmas. Here he is a week ago tearing up the living room on his horse:

I love my little cowboy. I almost bought him cowboy boots, but Lance vetoed that notion. Apparently they weren't "necessary" and there was mention of some ridiculous fact that we don't live on a farm or ranch.

Once again, WHATEVER. I still think he looks adorable:

Little People stuff always a BIG hit, provided you can untie all those arthritic-inducing twisties:

And yes, the picture is blurry, but Auntie Beppa and Uncle Dusta gave him another Little People Police car a few days later to add to his collection:

And Mama and Papa bought Bubbalu his first official Radio Flyer tricycle, since his scuttle bug scooter is now way too small for him:

Hello nostalgia.

He's our own little LIFE photo come to, well, life.

It was (of course) raining, so on with his rain coat and Daddy helped him on his inaugural ride down the front path:

Happy Birthday darlin, we love you...



  1. I vote for little cowboy boots! I'll get matching ones for my girls if you get some for your kids!

  2. Love the cowboy picture and can't wait to see Bubba riding his tricycle!


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