Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Sithster...

Bubbalu has been great with Lil Chick so far. He has not yet shown signs of aggression or anger towards her. However, that may change, right!?

I've said from the start I expect chaos to ensue the moment she takes a toy away from him. Or touches any of his hot wheels cars or trucks. The whole "MINE!!!" season will no doubt coincide with Lil Chick learning to crawl.

But for now, here's Bubbalu loving on Lil Chick :

He especially loves her toes:

My heart is smiling.



  1. How far apart are they? Drew was 17 mo. when Madeline was born and for the most part, he's been a great big brother. Sure, they have their sibling squabbles (more now that they're 5 and almost 4, lol), but never in a long and drawn out phase. He can't remember not having her around, I'm sure.

  2. Lil Chick is 4 days shy of being exactly 2 years younger than Bubbalu.

  3. Oh Amanda! She's so beautiful and tiny!! And Bubbalu looks so in love.

    Mine are 4 years apart and Mia's about to start walking. BJ loves to play with her toys, but if she touches anything of his it's hell. HELL. It's getting better though. She's getting bigger and is able to interact with him more, so that helps. Maybe it won't be as bad as you think!!!

  4. I am so glad things are better after a rough start! Thanks for visiting my blog, I so know where you are coming from. It is the hardest thing in the world to walk out of the hospital empty-handed.

    Your little boy looks like such a proud big brother. Absolutely adorable!

  5. My heart is smiling too =)

    I need to get my act together. I've had a little something for Miss Baby Girl since last month. I'll have to mail it before she gets too big for it!

  6. She's getting so big already! Look at those eyes, so cute! So glad Bubba is loving on her, just like Momma taught him to, huh?


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