Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Christmas Tree or Three...

I found this little "gift" under the tree this year and it made me laugh:

Bubbalu actually did not destroy any of our ornaments. I buy all my ornaments at JoAnn's because I figure one way or another they will be crushed/smashed/dented/melted/whathaveyou and I don't want to wig out about it. He was excited to have a tree in our house, but other than that he just kind of ignored it.

Speaking of our Christmas tree, this was the first year we as a married couple had a real tree!

I KNOW. It's shocking.

I actually had 3 trees up this year:
  1. Main living room tree as seen above.
  2. Prelit undecorated tree in upstairs master bedroom window to be seen from street.
  3. Dinky tree above doorway that never got decorated (bed rest got in the way).
I actually wanted a few more trees. I want to put a small tree decorated with kid appropriate ornaments in each child's room. For Bubbalu last year I decorated a dinky tree with his shoes tied on by the laces and his pacifiers. It turned out cute. This year I would have done a truck/car tree for him.

Oh well, there's always next year.

I loved our main tree. It was such a well-behaved tree. It didn't drop needles, it smelled good, it didn't fall over and was still alive and drinking the day my Mom took it down.

Don't know if I said it yet, but thank you Mom.

She took it down and put all my Christmas decor (which was minimal at best) away for me while I was tending to Lil Chick in the hospital. The tree was still in really great shape and I really would have liked to keep it up until it died.

However, common sense got the better of me. I realized taking that massive tree down and the subsequent cleanup of needles and ornaments really didn't fit into my January plans of rest, recuperation and keeping 2 children alive and thriving.

Still, I was sad for it to be gone. I never even got to say goodbye.

Do you all have your trees and Christmas decor down? Or should I send my Mom over to your house?



  1. I took everything down Jan. 2nd because Drew's birthday and party were the 3rd and there was going to be too many people in here for the tree to stay. It felt good to clean, though, I WILL say.

  2. I love your little names for your kids we have little names for ours too. However I think BJ and I are the only ones that use them. Elliot is monkey and Grace is the pretty pink piglet. I love reading your blog you are so detailed it is great!

  3. A, I need your mom over here NOW. Our tree is now begging us to put it in the garage. I finally took down the wreath on our front door YESTERDAY. We're really out of it this year.

  4. I'm sad I never got to see your tree in all its glory, but the pictures sure are pretty!


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