Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Just A REALLLLY Long Scarf..

While on bed rest I really didn't panic about the whole labor and delivery aspect of having a baby. What really caused me to break out in a glistening cold sweat was the thought of having another colicky infant.

Unless you have had a colicky child you have NO idea what those babies are like. What the parents go through. There should be some sort of public recognition for surviving a colicky infant. Maybe a nice local newspaper article? :
Lance and Amanda have survived the colic phase of their son, Bubbalu, who is now 6 months old. We extend our sincere sympathies as well as applaud their extraordinary parenting skills, superb psychological steadfastness and tremendous infant intuition. We praise them for not going completely insane and thank them for withholding extraneous complaints regarding this chapter of their lives. Donations may be made at any local bank to the 'Amanda Believes In Shopping Therapy' Fund.

I think it has a nice ring to it.

Bubbalu was the colic king for quite a few months, so I consider myself an authority on soothing and coping with colicky/extremely fussy babies.

My favorite soothing tool I used for Bubbalu was the Moby Wrap. It's basically a really long piece of fabric (like a scarf) that you can wrap around your body in different configurations so your baby can be carried around hands-free in a snug and ergonomic fashion. It's kinda confusing to put it on the first few times but once you have it down, you're golden.

It's a huge relief to have your hands free to do dishes, fold laundry, clean the house....hee hee hee, who am I kidding!? It makes blogging with a newborn easy and possible. Lil Chick is snuggled in the Moby as we speak...write...type...whatever.

Lil Chick does not have colic. Her personality falls in between the normal and mellow category. I consider it a HUGE gift from God that she is a calm baby, especially after dealing with our month of chaos in which I hit rock bottom.

I actually kind of feel I am now getting my postpartum rest. However, I laughed out loud after reading in a pregnancy book, 'during the first two to three weeks postpartum you should be resting more often than not'.

Uh huh. Right.

Lil Chick does well in the Moby and I can even go out for a nice long walk. See? Here's Lil Chick in the Moby wrap on a jaunt to the park:

See Bubbalu in the top right of the pic? He loves playing at the park and Mommy loves how tired he gets after the park.

I'm no math whiz, but check THIS problem out:

Trip to the park + eating a big lunch after we get home = LOOONNNGG nap.


Anyone else have/had colicky infants? Any favorite infant survival tips?


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  1. No experience with the colic stuff (sorry to rub it in), but I do love how cute you look in the picture. Cute mama =)

  2. Number three was colicky. I'd never dealt with it before and you are so right about deserving a reward. I'd so take the shopping therapy one too. HA! As you know, I LOVE the Moby. We also had a papasan swing with the nature white noise on it. You know, crickets and rain forest birds, stuff like that. We'd swaddle her up tight, put her in the swing in a dark room and crank up the sound on that puppy. As long as she had her paci, she was golden.

  3. Oh me me me... Addison was bad colicky! I think if I had her first I would have only had one child. The life saver for us was the hairdryer. We did the burrito wrap, put her in the swing and turn on the hairdryer! Worked like a charm!  I even bought a CD that had the blow dryer sound for car rides!.

  4. Willa isn't colicky, but I did discover that if I put her in her swing and turn on the Roomba, I can clean my floors AND keep her quiet!

    You look cute in the Moby. My friend loaned me hers and I got all tangled up, broke a sweat, and threw it on the floor in frustration. Sigh.

  5. My husband was colicky for the first year of his life. I am praying this one isn't colicky! I have heard that using probiotic drops can help a lot. (of course I have no experience trying them, but that's what I've heard!)
    Glad lil' chick is a happy baby! =)

  6. My son was collicky too! He was my first child, so I thought I was doing something wrong! The best remedy we found: Turn on the vacuum! He would stop crying when it was on and when we turned it off - crying would start all over! I was scared to have a second child.......

  7. Look at massaging the IC valve. Have done this before and it can really calm them down if it is indeed blocked/spasmodic. Hope it helps!

  8. Oh, it's all about the sling. I would die without mine. Seriously. Haven't tried a moby, but I'd like to (I'll prob just make my own wrap if I can ever get to the fabric store ALONE). :)

  9. Still LOOOOVE the moby...Sky and I take many walks in it. I actually bought it from my friend for only $10...super good deal!

  10. I love your equation! LOL I've been lucky to not have collic to deal with *knocks on wood*

  11. The Moby is a GREAT wrap! That is a wonderful photo, too!


  12. I have not had a colicky baby but I will say that Baby Sister and I consider the Moby to be the most important baby item we own. Without it I do not know how we would survive some days. Great picture by the way. :)

  13. My 10 month old was colicky (refluxy) for ages... I would have gone crazy if not for Happiest Baby on the Block!

  14. I think I would've died if my son had colic, honestly - I had a hard enough time as it is. He did have reflux, but we got it fixed within 4 weeks, so it was manageable. Love the Moby - cute picture! :)


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