Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orange Babies...

Lil Chick had some serious jaundice issues. She was Mama's little pumpkin...literally. She was tested daily for 2 weeks to watch her bilirubin levels, but thankfully dodged the lights.

Bubbalu was also quite jaundiced but didn't dodge the lights. So, I guess I can say I make pipsqueak orange children.

Here Bubbalu is in all his phototherapy glory:

He looks like a blue string bean to me. A blue string bean that wears eye protection and a diaper.

Here's my orange daughter at six days old:

Hmmm, that pic really doesn't do her orangeness justice. How bout this one?

See? However, my winter pastyness doesn't help matters any.

Her tinge lasted a good three-ish weeks, and was actually the reason why I suspected she was sick the morning she was admitted to the hospital for a week. Her skin tone looked normal. As in normal for me in January, my winter pastyness. The docs said it was a good thing I caught it early, a few more hours and she could have really been struggling. SO scary for me to think about. Thank the Lord I was watching her closely and noticed something was up.

Ah Lil Chick, despite your color, your Mama sure loves you:



  1. I went through the bili lights at the hospital with my youngest. It was horrible! The goggles kept falling off and I was afraid he was going to go blind from the lights.

  2. Your leetle children sure are precious though! I'm sooo very happy they're safe and healthy now! :)

  3. My babies were all orange at one stage too, but it was at about 6 months when I introduced carrots to their diets :) I wonder if we lived on carrots alone for long enough if we could get some good winter color?

  4. Your little girl is gorgeous!

  5. Awww... glad to hear things are well. :)

    You look great!!!

  6. So tiny and so sweet. Oh my!! Even if she is a little orange. Glad she dodged the lights!

  7. LOVE the last picture of kisses from Mama.

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