Friday, January 16, 2009

Things You Learn In The Hospital 2...

Children do not enjoy visiting the hospital.

However, if you have a privacy curtain and daddy's slippers you can do this:

If you have a window you can drive your cars up here:

If your Grandma is smart, you can have a snack:

Or you can dance to the song Rockin Around The Christmas Tree:

Guess how much time that takes up? About 10 minutes. Then Grandpa and Grandma have to take me on a walk to see the fish tank ("Nemo!") and get some lunch.

Can you see why Mommy looks tired in this pic?

Oh yeah, and you can visit with Mommy a bit too. Cause Bubbalu is the very best medicine she ever received:



  1. He is for sure the VERY best medicine!

  2. LOVE the family shot at the end! So sorry you've had to spend so much of your time in there!


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