Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boppy Talk....

As a nursing Mama, my Boppy pillows are essential for comfort. Yes, pillows. I have two. I bought them off craigslist for $15 bucks prior to Bubbalu's birth and washed the snot out of them. (NO not literal snot, I'm just using it as an analogy. )

I used one in Bubbalu's nursery and kept one for use in the living room. They are also useful for propping the babes up whilst Mama showers and beautifies as demonstrated below:

This time around I was pining after the Boppy pillow that matches the crib set I picked out, as it is beautiful and wonderfully cute. (On a completely random note, I saw this Boppy in the background on an episode of 'House'. I was very excited to have identified it, but Lance failed to see the brilliance of it.)

Alas, the designer Boppy cost $49.99 and I had to give up the dream. Still, here's the pic of it so you can see what I'm talking about:

'Tis beautiful, no?

So, as I have written about before, I sewed my own 2 Boppy covers from pink and white polka dot flannel fabric I had laying around.


And yes, the new covers are holding up well and are pleasant enough to look at. Actually, they are adorable and I'm pleased as punch about them.

So I was just scanning around Walmart's baby website just playing around when I found an interesting Boppy pillow...

And I have just one question.

Will someone please tell me why this Boppy is wearing underwear?




  1. That actually made me laugh out loud! :)

  2. It looks to me like it's the same effect you use it for! The baby can easily be held in place while not scooting down under and be suffocated or something? I don't know... it came to me right away, but I might just be nuts.

  3. LOL..that's funny..

    though i'm assuming that's to hold the baby in..

  4. It's funny to me that they'd even bother. None of my kids propped up in the Boppy ever squirmed out.

  5. I have two too!!! I also identified your boppy in House...but Nat didn't seem too excited a/b it either.

  6. I can't stop laughing....hahahaha..my sides hurt, hahahaha

  7. Ok, this may be TMI but we're all mommies here.

    When Shep was born, it hurt. Like, it HURT, like couldn't walk for 3 weeks hurt.

    Let me take a moment to exhale.
    It was bad.

    So I would sit on my boppy because it, you know, didn't "touch" if I sat on the pillow part.

    And so, as I had just given birth, my boppy got a little blood on it. (I told you this might be TMI)

    The problem was, I was SO overwhelmed by the whole new baby thing, I just couldn't ever work up the organization or time or care enough to wash it. So that stain stayed there for a long time.

    Now there's a story that conveys the beautiful reality of motherhood, doncha think??

  8. Those Boppy panties are so wrong. I think it's the color...


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