Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Month Ago...

Only one month ago Lil Chick was discharged from the hospital.

I was positively ITCHING to get out of there with her. I was pacing the room the entire morning packing up and getting ready to go. They did her last blood draw (note cotton ball and tape on head), gave her last IV antibiotics (note IV on foot) then took her IV out and finally FINALLY discharged us.

It already feels like it happened many months ago...or that maybe it was just a bad dream.

Never was I so happy than to take my Lil Chick home from the hospital for a second time. We gave her a bath right away to wash the hospital off of her:

You have to wash newborn babies in your's like a law:

She is healthy: eating frequently, gaining weight (just hit 8lbs!) and sleeping well. What more could I ask for?



  1. She is so beautiful and precious and I'm so happy she is thriving. You look beautiful as well. How do you do it? My youngest is almost two and I still look disheveled.

  2. Remember I only post photos that make me look should see some of the vetoed ones!

    I guarantee you, I AM disheveled :)

  3. You could fit 3 Emmys in the sink! I love that lil girl and am so glad that she's home and getting into a normal routine! :)

  4. Yes, there is a law saying you have to bathe sweet, tiny little girls in the sink.

    Amanda, she's so tiny and beautiful!!!

  5. A real cutie.

    (Thanks for the lemonade ;) I haven't gotten to it yet.)

  6. Stopping over from Christy's place.

    What a beautiful, sweet little girl. Congratulations! : )

  7. She's your petite princess! And so tiny : ). My baby boy was 9lbs 4oz AT BIRTH. He's a giant now!

  8. So NOT the law! :) I think I've only washed Skyler in the sink once, and that was at Christmas! I just hold him in my arms for a bath...such a doll! I'm so glad she's finally getting chubby and past all that scariness.


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