Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roasted Garlic Goodness...

I am currently attempting to make this recipe. The Pioneer Woman has some uber delicious looking recipes on her cooking site, I highly recommend you go and look around...

So my house is smelling deliciously garlicky. However, I am all of a sudden reminded how my husband *ahem* processes garlic, and let me tell you it is not good. Not good at all.

We actually have a rule about garlic in our house:

Any consumption of Garlic Fries ( Kidd Valley, Safeco Field - Kidd Valley, Red Robin or any other eating establishment) must have a 3 day wife barrier window.

Meaning, if he eats the garlic fries and is around me in the following 3 days I will seriously injure him. And have to evacuate and fumigate the house.

So that leaves his hunting trips for him to partake...which means, along with his father and brothers, they have a garlic eating festival and have to live with the results while driving in an enclosed vehicle for four hours. The punishment fits the crime.

Also let's mention that Lance's dental patients may not be too thrilled with his general aroma those next three tortuous days post garlic fries consumption.

So, the consumption of these roasted garlic dealybobs will be done in moderation. I'm hoping to use them in recipes for some extra yummyness. I'm thinking garlic mashed taters, amazing bruschetta and adding it to my crock pot dinners.

The house is SUPER garlicky now...maybe this should be reserved for summer (aka open window season).

Any other ideas for my roasted garlic?



  1. mmmmmmmmm we LOVE garlic here! Especially that roasted garlic bread at Costco. We call it the double face mask bread. HA

  2. It's great to toss some potatoes, onions, a little oil, seasonings and roasted garlic into some tin foil and there you have some great tasting tators for dinner.

  3. I don't know about recipes, but I do know that I am watering at the mouth from the title ALONE.

  4. mashed potatos, mushed onto french bread with pasta, on a roasted chicken sandwich....

    we have a garlic roaster...gets it done in 20 minutes..LOVE it!

  5. I don't have nothing new to add but did want to ask you if you had anyh other cooking blogs that you visit.....

  6. MMmmm....sounds good Amanda!! I love garlic! Hmmm...other uses....chilies and soups, alfredo sauce and other pasta sauces, potatoes, beans, almost everything!! lol...well, not EVERYthing, but lots of things! I buy that big thing of minced garlic at cost co for super cheap so I don't have to press it myself, but roasted garlic sounds even better! :) Enjoy! And I totally laughed out loud when I read the part about Lance's dental patients! OH MAN..... :)

  7. Well my dear, you know my sentiments on the whole garlic thing. Clint is also banned from eating anything in the garlic fries arena when I am around. Just Monday he came home from the airport from his trip to SanJose and he just stunk...body, breath...of garlic. He had "no idea" where that smell would have come from. didn't beleive that one!

  8. I keep imagining scenarios of Lance/GARLIC/dental patients. Jae had a horrible incident getting a haircut in Canada a few years ago...the funny thing is that the lady was eating before, during, and after his haircut. Jae never went back there.


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