Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easy Decoration Idea...

I happen to have...oh...about...well... 2 or 8 tote bins full of fabric. Really, I do. It's an addiction really. But a FUN one.

Since I love my fabric so much, and often have cutting anxiety, I often choose to showcase it instead of harming it:

Easy peasy decor.

Besides, I can change it out anytime I want and haven't invested a huge amount of money.

I thought this little shelf area would be a great place to herald the arrival of WHERE IS IT?

Hello!? Spring? Where ARE you? Did you get lost? I bet you used the wrong Mapquest directions when I already told you they were wrong, didn't you?




  1. I love these decor ideas, keep em coming!

  2. I've done this fabric framing too...that way I can change it anytime I want without feeling guilty!

  3. Love this!! I will be trying it....we have be remodeling the bathroom and I haven't been able to settle on a print this idea seems perfect. Keep the creative juices flowing they are helpful to those of us who are less creative!

  4. What a great idea! Don't go and get all "Martha Stewart" on me.

    As for Spring, I do believe it has arrived here in Central Texas. Although, the weather is so screwy that we will have warm weather for a few days (like 75-80 degrees, short wearing weather) and then overnight, it will turn back to cooler weather (40-60 degrees), requiring jeans and a long sleeved shirt. I can NEVER put seasonal clothes because on any given day, the weather can turn so drastically!

    I'm not complaining though : ).


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