Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whining + Posting = RESULTS...

Apparently if you whine long enough and post a blog about it, you sometimes get what you want.

Check out what we now have in our garage:

Oh yeah baby, we got a freezer! An early birthday present for me. And Mom, I will come and collect all the miscellaneous frozen goods that I have stashed in your freezer.

Thank you Craigslist. And can I just say? We got a SMOKIN' deal on this beaut. Lance borrowed his Pa's truck and picked it up last night.

I am so excited because of this stinkin' appliance. Not that it actually stinks as it's officially been cloroxed from top to bottom. We're not animals you know. And bleach can be your friend. Especially if you are a garage sale, craigslist or thrift store patron. Just be careful about your clothes when handling the stuff. It only has to happen once...

I got right to work cleaning it out and filling it to the brim:

OK, maybe brim isn't exactly the best descriptive. Not very full, is it? And this is after my Mom donated a bunch of food that she didn't need.

So all I have to say is:




  1. awesome! I LOVE my extra freezer. And can I just say, your garage picture cracks me up. It could so be my garage. Shoe rack, metal costco shelve with costco baby wipes, pop, bottled water and random other things....LOL
    Glad your whining paid off!

  2. I give it... ohhhh, about a month before that thing is so packed you can't fit anything else in it. :)

  3. I agree with Becca -- it'll be packed and driving you crazy before you know it! Congratulations on the fabulous new addition :)

  4. We heart Craig's List! Dan and I have been talking about getting one of those. Did you ever think you would be excited for a freezer?

  5. Maybe you didn't need it as bad as you thought huh?!?! LOL, just kidding of course. It will be full before you know it!

  6. I've always wanted an extra freezer or freezer/fridge in our garage, but we don't have the space yet. I at least have a small, extra fridge in our utility room. Certain Korean foods have quite the odor...KIMCHEE...even worse than the garlic problems in your garlic post...

  7. Love it! That was our first purchase after buying our house...except for the piano of course! :) Congrats on your freezer know my thoughts on Craigslist...pretty much everything I have of any size/value came from there! :)

  8. I'm so jealous. I have a side by side fridge with the tiniest freezer you've ever seen. Everytime I open the door, stuff falls all over the floor, which is dangerous when a toddler is hovering. I can only imagine the horror when I have to take Mia to the ER and explain that she was assaulted by a box of frozen spinach flying out of our overstuffed freezer. OY. So I digress. I lust after a big, spacious deep freeze. ENJOY!!!


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