Thursday, April 23, 2009

Le Master Bathroom Spa...

I had a beautification morning.

And as I would LOVE to report that my dear sweet husband treated me to a full day at the local spa, I would be lying.

Unless, that is, you could call it Le Master Bathroom Spa featuring Eau de grocery store cosmétique.

And instead of a luxury Hot Stone massage, I received an Efficient Hot Wheels massage...with the added (at NO extra cost) aromatherapy treatment of Syrup de Eggo with a hint of grapes to soothe the senses.

The next time you book a massage appointment at your Le Master Bathroom Spa direct your pint-sized masseuse to use the semi-truck massager...the added set of wheels perform a glorious deep tissue massage that will forevermore be your definition of relaxation.

This Mama actually found it within herself to shampoo, condition, blow dry and style her hair. We were trying to rock the unkempt bohemian look complete with headband and giant claw. And although that style definitely has a place in this world, going beyond the seven day mark is pushing it.

If my husband has to come home to his bohemian, gray (they used to be black) stretched out yoga pants and oversize t-shirt wearing wife who did NOT make dinner yet again, he might cry.

But as I read that last sentence over again, I realize that it's not true. Not the yoga pants and oversize t-shirt apparel. That, unfortunately, is true. My husband often says to me, "your job is to feed your baby and take care of your son. That's it, the rest isn't important!" And he means it.

However, as a woman, there is a significant beauty rut I fall into while being a SAHM. It's just SO much easier to wear the yoga pants that used to be black. At least I think they used to be black. I've worn the same pair through both of my pregnancies and I sure the hormone imbalance and 'placenta brain' factors have clouded my memory. And despite my husband loving me whether I've shampooed and conditioned or not, I need a change.

Today I'm fighting the enticing draw of comfortable bohemian yoga pants girl.

She was replaced by proud to be groomed sassy girl.



  1. LOVE IT! I am actually sitting here, proud as can be that I am in freshley washed jeans and a shirt without spit up. It's amazing what can make a SAHM happy.

  2. You go girl!Its amazing how accomplished I feel just for doing my hair too!
    I find that my yoga pants are less of a draw when my cute clothes start fitting my again. I HATE to go and spend money on new clothes that I know won't fit in a couple of weeks.

  3. Three cheers for you! I remeber the days of a two year old and an infant. The energy and time for a shower will kick in for you sooner than you think! Lance has got the right frame of mind though.

  4. I love it! Wish I had more of those days. Unfortunately, I don't get out of my pjs most days.

  5. Hahaha...Nathaniel doesn't even go that far...he just asks me to keep the kid alive! :) Cheers to comfy yoga pants...what would we do without you???


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