Thursday, April 16, 2009

Plague Habits...

We have been afflicted by a plague over here.

I do not recommend catching this one. In the last two days I have blown through (literally!) all my tissue boxes and have taken to stashing toilet paper rolls in handy places throughout the house.

Because really, is there any difference between toilet paper and tissues? Don't they call TP tissue paper? And yes, I realize that certain lotionized Kleenex, Puffs etc. work wonders on raw undernoses, but I don't care to spend $6.00 per box. Especially when I need upwards of 5 - 10 boxes to survive this bug.

Side note: This is AFTER using nasal spray.

Tell me I'm not alone in my use of toilet paper to blow my nose?

And furthermore, do you make those little nose "plugs" out of twisted tissues? Because I am SO doing that right now, and the lady biking past my front window gave me a weird look...



  1. Haha! My husband makes the plugs & Chancery (our 8 month old) just stares & stares at it. I can't say I have a drippy nose often enough to have had to incorporate "the plug"

  2. I totally use the toilet paper too! =)

  3. We sue toilet paper all the time:) I just happen to still have a box of tissues left from the hospital. Haha I used like one so they gave me the whole box.

  4. I know lots of people that do that, I say who cares? If you want to, so be it! :)

  5. oh yes, I am a toilet paper plugger too!

  6. $6 a box??? Where are you shopping? I get the lotionized kind for a buck a piece at Albertson's! I would never spend $6 on a box of tissue paper. Although when I run out I use toilet paper, but I much prefer tissues.

  7. Toilet paper ALLLLLLLL the way! I don't think my kids would even know what a box of tissues were!

  8. Toilet paper usage here too. We've decided to "splurge" on tissues at Costco, so we use tissues now too =)


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