Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smile Big!

It's hilarious to watch a group of adults try to get anyone under the age of 6 to smile for a picture. Jumping about, making funny faces, snorting, whistling, clapping, whathaveyou. Might be kinda fun to take some sneaky candid shots of the people behind the camera next time.

With my kids, I ALWAYS say, "smile big!" Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Ok honey, smile big so Mama can take a picture!

Uh, not quite hon. You're scaring the people. Try again.

MUCH better.

OK little Lady, let's take a picture of your cute new dress, shall we? Smile big!

Hmmm. I get the whole "girls are more dramatic" thing, but let's try that again...this time in the bumbo. Smile big!

MUCH better.



  1. Sooo adorable! :) I love Bubba's hate. And Lil' Chick's dress, of course! Don't tell me you made that one too?

  2. We are taking out the bumbo tomorrow? Does she love it? OK and where did you get those jeans? Love em'!

  3. Got the cute dress at Wallyworld, found the jeans for a buck at a local consignment store! SUPER deals, SUPER cute...all good things :)

  4. It's been a little while since I've stopped by, and I cannot believe how big your little girl has gotten! Oh my word...she is just delicious.


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