Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Suncreen and swimsuits...

I put sunscreen on Lil Chick for the first time yesterday. There's nothing like that greasy iconic baby sunscreen smell to bring about thoughts of swimming pools, baby sun hats and beach umbrellas. Please spring, stay around a bit?

Rubbing sunscreen in gives a great mini-massage for the little punkin'. Lil chick grinned at me the entire time...it warmed my heart more than the sun did.

Now comes the bathing suit search...no, not for me. Although, it is likely this may the first year of the tankini.

Lil chick needs a swimsuit. Preferably an adorable one. With ruffles. And a matching sunhat, sunglasses and flip-flops. Because really, what's cuter than a baby in swimwear? NOTHING.

This one from Old Navy is rather cute:

And this one satisfies the criteria:

And I can get impractical itty-bitty baby matching flip flops:

And matching ruffly sunhat:

So cute it hurts.

I also found this adorable sundress for only $7.00:

And this cute suit for only $8.50:

However, I'm thinking the two piece options are more practical considering the inevitable changing of the barely holding it in poopy swim diapee hullabaloo.

OK, no more e-shopping for me. The sun is out and I need to soak up some Vitamin D. We are seriously deficient over here.



  1. Love it! I was hoping you would be posting soon, I always look forward to it! :) Is the yellow bikini the one that Joanie and I picked out when we were shopping together? So cute. I just bought myself a tankini, so join the club! :)

  2. Wow, it's warm enough by you to be in swimsuits...I'm jealous. The swimsuits are SO cute. Looks like you're having fun dressing your little girl up :)

  3. Those are so cute. The yellow one might actually COVER up a swim diaper - imagine that!! Madeline had a little two-piece that the diaper hung out of, and well, it wasn't attractive.

  4. Hmmm, Stella needs a new suit this year...thanks for reminding me to check Walmart.com! :)

  5. Little girl swimsuits are soooo cute! We are dyin' for some Spring/Summer-like weather over here in MN!! Good luck in your hunt - sundresses are a close 2nd to swimsuit shopping for our little girls :-)

  6. "It warmed my heart more than the sun did."

    Love that, A.


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