Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They're Conspiring Against Me...

I discovered that my kids are conspiring against me:

However, I am ready for the attack and will prevail...



  1. That was so stinkin hilarious! I had to stop drinking my coffee I was laughing so hard.

  2. I haven't watched it yet but you're not alone, I already KNOW my kids are conspiring against me. At least sometimes.

  3. Oh, Amanda, this was too, too funny! I was in tears. Please keep this sort of thing up, laughing really hard releases those endorphins, which is good for you. So, reading your blog is good for me!!

  4. What a hoot! This explains soooo much about how the younger ones get smart so fast! Thanks for the high-quality entertainment :)

  5. That was great Amanda. Where did you find that??? Mal and I were watching it and LOL'ing. I think I'll have to try that for the kids. :)


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