Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesdays Unwrapped - Itty Bitty Baby Spit Up...

How many more days will I have itty bitty baby spit up somewhere on me? Why does it always reappear after I've left the house? I find stray puddles on my shoulders, back, under my neck or on my pants.

I was feeding Lil Chick today when she choked, coughed, gagged and spit up her milk. I could feel it making its slimy path down my bare side towards the waistband of my jeans. Most of the time this really makes me upset. I do not enjoy the stinky sour milk scent. Nor do I favor cleaning it out of my clothing, upholstery and bedding.

Today I felt differently. I looked at the little baby in my lap and smiled. How many more days will I have a sweet baby girl to feed?

I picked up Bubbalu's baby book tonight and read about his developmental milestones. Lil Chick is neck and neck with her older brother. Will she really be scooting herself forward in just a few months? Do I really have to find those soft baby spoons so soon? Will you really be able to suck on your toes soon?

Savor today. Squeeze every drop of life out of it. Even if those drops make their way to your sholders, back, neck or your pants...



  1. That last line is perfect. Squeeze every stinky, smelly, numbered drop :) Thanks for enjoying that moment and sharing it with us.

  2. oh, i agree with emily-that last line is perfect! thanks for the perspective,

  3. SO true! Jenny, Will and Owen are the last children I am going to have and I am OK with that on so many levels but as they reach their milestones I am excited and do the uhmm .... Momy Dance only recognizable by other Mommies but for the most part, my heart is so not ready for them to grow up.

    Thank You for this post and the sweet smelling memory of sour Baby Puke that goes along with it :)

  4. love it! thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Your reminder is so true! They grow up so fast. I feel like you blink and the infant stage is gone and you all of a sudden have a toddler. I wish they would stay little for just a bit longer :)

  6. As I have been visiting around to the different blogs participating in Tuesday Unwrapped, this seems to be the ongoing theme by most. And it makes me so HAPPY to see everyone taking the time to enjoy the small moments. They become huge moments much later.

    Tänia of Faith Prints

  7. I wish I would have thought about this when feeding my daughter with a bottle. I don't really MISS the bottles (and the washing, always the washing!), but I do miss holding her tight and letting her play with my hair while she drank her milk.

  8. After watching Bubba grow up so fast, I think about that almost every day with my little Monkey. It's hard to complain when life is so great!

  9. Oh my GOSH - squeeze every last drop of life out of it. I'm not going to lie - I totally cried. Absolutely beautiful words that touched my heart tonight. Thanks for sharing...


  10. My waist band was forever wet and stinky. Mia not only spit up, but loved to let the milk dribble out of her mouth and down my waist. It really starts to stink after awhile!

    Those days will be gone far too soon. It's AMAZING how fast they grow. Lil' Chick is so, so beautiful, girl!!


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