Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Ms. Plaid Shirt Wearing Gal...

Dear Ms. Plaid Shirt Wearing Gal,

Whereas I am sure you are a very nice young gal, I beg you to do a final mirror check before you leave the house.


Well, I am certain my fellow Costco shoppers were equally appalled by your outfit of choice.

And though I know that the circulation and movement impairing ultra-tight short shorts are uber cool, pairing them with a long button down plaid shirt is against clothing codes.

Meaning...I couldn't see your shorts. Leading me to think that a nice young gal was walking around Costco with just a plaid shirt and flip flops on. I had to stare at you for a good minute or two before finally seeing an swatch of fabric that put my curiosity to rest.

How about a compromise? Why don't you trade in your ultra short shorts and plaid shirt and instead go for plaid Bermuda shorts and I'll stop staring at you.

I think it's an excellent idea.



  1. That was ME. Thanks alot.

  2. LOL...sounds awful! :) Although plaid shirts are back girl! I don't know who allowed them back into the fashion world, but they are! Watch, I'll be wearing one in a matter of weeks! ;) Don't let me, okay? Rest assured though, no super short skin tight shorts underneath. Doesn't matter what trend comes in next, I will NOT do that! :)

  3. LOL!!!!! :)
    gross. gross. gross.
    oh, the posts i could write about a few of the gals i've seen meandering around walmart.
    i'm sure they have wonderfully, large hearts, but HELL-O, FASHION POLICE-ARREST THEM ALREADY!!!


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