Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Friday : Man-pris?

I remember a good 4 years ago being at Disney World with my husbands' family watching the euro boys confidently wearing their Man-pris.

Why I was in Disney World on vacation WITH my husbands' family while he was back at home is another story. OK, really it's not that big of a story. He was in Dental School and couldn't come. I was invited along with my in-laws, and being that I have a superb relationship with them, I went and had a grand ole time despite leaving my poor scholarly husband at home to fend for himself.

As the Man-pris' wearing men walked (strutted rather) past, my MIL and I raised our eyebrows and looked to my FIL and bro's in law to catch their reaction.

They were less than impressed.

I believe they said something along the lines of, "I wouldn't be caught DEAD wearing man-pris!". Or, "that's as bad a man-purse!". Or "chya, whateva".

However, I wasn't as turned off by them as I thought I would be. They just looked like long shorts that weren't very wide. Here's an example from REI:

The real reason I'm writing this post is that I recently bought some nylon cargo-ish shorts for my little man. He wore them for the first time yesterday...and had MAYBE two inches of leg showing beneath the hem.

They may not be classified as Man-pris (or toddler-pris) but they sure looked like them. Being that he is off the top of the height charts but in the lower end of the weight charts may have something to do with how they fit him. Meaning they are about to fall off. I cinched down the waist strap so hard I might have frayed it. I need 3T shorts with a 12-18 month waist for him.

But you know what? He looked cute. Really cute.

I noticed an increase in the Man-pris wearing trend around here last summer. I've not seen many around the stores yet this season so I'm wondering if the fad is over.

So weigh in. Does your man wear Man-pris? Do your boys wear Boy-pris?



  1. YES!! I actually refer to these as "boy capris" because our little guy, being the super skinny one that he is, grows out of everything in length before girth, so he was still wearing knit pants as boy capris last summer and the jeans he wore all winter became cut off boy capris, for that edgy look. And yeah, he looked SUPER cute in them!
    Not sure about the husband though!

  2. Yeah, Max has the same problem, his shorts are long but it does look SO cute on him! (like everything:)but on men?......Gay, VERY gay.

  3. well, my hubby (your cousin) got a pair from H&M (ver Euro!) a few years back. I think he wore them once and got a good ribbing from his friends. They were soon in the Goodwill pile. I think some guys can pull them off. Landon wears baby capris, only because his cargo shorts are a bit big. :)

  4. This is why I have girls.

  5. Isaac does look like he has man-pris on sometimes, but it is only because as you said the waist is too big but they need the yes his do look like man-pris and anything looks adorable on him :) Joe on the other hand wouldn't be caught dead in man-pris. Closest he would wear is cargo shorts that are a bit baggy.

  6. Okay...I love them, my husband thinks they are lame! And although I do dress my husband, he does have veto power...most of the time. A couple of years ago at a hair show it seemed every man in the building was wearing them. So its definately growing in popularity. So I say they are A-OK...although I don't specifically like those REI ones.

  7. No Man-pris here, not boy-pris but that's because I had never really thought about buying them. But I have to say that I I am fairly certain my husband wouldn't be caught in them EVER and my little boy will just wear shorts because it's so HOT here, ALREADY.

  8. From the man world here, big no-no. This, however comes from a hubby who would physically rip an earing out of a boys lobe who chose to get one. Ouch. We will forgive Bubbaloo for now.

  9. had this same prob. with my hubby (hmm...maybe MIL brainwashed them) re: cute plaid shorts bought for Micah..remember those ones? Well, they fit him more like shorts now - this is our 3rd season with them and I think the hubby has grown to like (a*hem..maybe that's a strong word) more like tolerate them just fine! :)

  10. i agree with the majority of the folks above.
    sure. my husband would wear these....IF HE WAS DEAD.
    little boys wearing them?? adorable! i have some in my shopping cart over at BODEN.COM
    (i love to fill up shopping carts online. makes me feel as if i'm actually shopping!!! granted, 9 out of 10x's, i don't actually purchase! cheap thrills i tell ya!)

  11. My bigger boys would not be caught dead in man pris, nor do I put my little men in man pris. I am afraid I am not a fan.

    I NEVER wear capris! EWWWWWWWWWWW neither does my little Jenny. My personal view they all need to be banned from the planet!

    I know harsh, my bad.

  12. Oh BTW LOVE the PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. No Man-pri's in this house, but I have bought Wog a pair (Wog-pri's, if you will). He hasn't worn them yet because I haven't bought him sandals yet.

  14. I am very frustrated by this post because I consider myself a bit fashionable and I have never heard of man-pris. Not once. And you people on the coast have seen them for years? Sheesh, this small midwestern town is behind. Although, maybe we're just sensible on this one. I can only judge according to the picture, but I'm going to say that man-pris are a don't.

  15. sheesshhh. not on men please.. on boys they are good.


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