Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shirt Smoothers Unite!

I'm proud to be a shirt smoother.

That is, if I eventually remember the sad little load left in the dryer for the past three or seven hours (days). Why does that sad little load get forgotten every single time? It really shouldn't be THIS difficult, should it? Having an archaic dryer that takes more than a few hours to dry one measly load doesn't help matters any.

However, once I actually retrieve the forgotten load from the dryer I immediately smooth the shirts.

I usually employ the back of whichever sofa or love seat is closest to me (or the TV *ahem*) and one by one lay the shirts across the back of it and use my hands to smooth all the shirts out nice and neat.

That way, when I get around to actually hanging up the smoothed shirts (which may or may not be in the next two to seven days) they are relatively wrinkle-free.

Hand ironed if you will.

Which may explain why my one and only iron has officially been designated for craft use and is currently suffering from a bad case of adhesive stick-ums residue.

I must confess that I tend to steal clean shirts from the smoothed-out shirt pile before hanging them up in the closet. I also tend to have multiple stolen from smoothed-out shirt piles scattered about the house.

Today I managed to hang up my THREE stolen from smoothed-out shirt piles. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride of self.

But guess what I just found in my dryer?

A sad forgotten little load...



  1. It's a vicious cycle isn't it. I totally know what you mean by the forgotten load. I often get a clean towel and get it wet and then turn the dyer on and it helps get rid of the wrinkles from the forgotten load :)

  2. If I ever leave a load in the dryer for a couple of days, I have ninety seven more loads to wash, since I neglected laundry for that long. I usually pile the clean clothes in the corner of my room and dig through the mountain for the days clothing, and then do the wet towel thing. Your shirt smoothing is too domestic for me... :)

  3. It's way too easy as a mom to leave that one load in the dryer. It happens to us all! :) I love the "Hand Ironing" comment, so true! :) As far as the sticky residue? You need to buy yourself a second iron. I have one cheapo for projects and one nice one (that unfortunately is rarely used, despite my efforts!) for the battle of the wrinkles! But seriously, I try to commit to doing one load of laundry a day...and even if it sits in the dryer until the next day, it keeps the clothes clean. :)

  4. I will stand tall and proud right beside you......enuff said as you beautiful words have said it ALL!

  5. Love it! I'm a smoother too.

    So much so that I pulled out my iron the other day (for a decorating project, of course) and my 5 year old said "Mom, what's that?"


  6. Oh man, I'm always leaving clothes in the dryer! And yes, I hate getting the iron out too. John's wrinkled shirts attest to that! I will try the hanging up method for 7 days and see how that works...any thing to leave the iron in the closet! :-)

  7. Awesome. I'm a proud shirt smoother too.


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