Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ugly McUglyson...

I have a few pets. Nineteen actually....nope, twenty. OK, maybe eighteen. They just keep moving so fast I can't count em.

We are fish people, y'all. We did not choose to be fish people, they chose us.

We purchased our home complete with a HUGE built in fish tank. So now we are fish people.

Our fishtank is rather sparse looking being that it is so big, and we haven't been able or willing to upgrade it's decor or inhabitants much.

We did, however, purchase a helpful sucker fish so that we could be lazy and watch him eat the gook off the inside of the tank.

Meet Ugly McUglyson:

I named him. Cause he isn't exactly attractive. He's actually kinda creepy looking.

But I didn't care because owning him allowed us to be lazy. And I like myself a good dose of lazy.

Alas, I am speaking in the past tense because a few weeks ago, Ugly passed away and went to the great big fishbowl in the sky.

I'm not able to get my dose of lazy anymore...and the fish tank has seen better days. It's not exactly the pièce de résistance of the house that it once was. More like a grody goo box.

I want a beautiful, lush, tropical snorkel vacation invoking fish tank. Not a grody goo box. Maybe something like this:

And while I'm in the fishtank makeover process, I may just redo the downstairs bathroom and add this:

and this:

Because who doesn't want a dozen or so eyes on you while you go about your bathroom business?

I'm sure a certain toddler of mine would be THRILLED to use the fish potty and sink. He might even put his potty and poo-poo into the fish potty chair on a regular basis.

That's it, I'm SOLD!



  1. WOW! John has wanted me to do our downstairs (we have a split so downstairs is where his home office & bathroom is) bathroom with an "underwater theme" He wants it "over the top". I think we need these to complete the look for sure!:) 3 years later I still haven't started on that bathroom decor, maybe someday:)

  2. If you ever have fish questions, go to Clark Feed and Seed on Railroad. I used to work there, and they are the greatest place in the county for all things fish. Talk to Daina or Larry, and they'll tell you how to take care of it easily!

    Good luck!

  3. ok, i'm dying over here! that post was too funny!!
    i've been where you are...i LOVE fish. really i do. AT PETCO!!! about 3 years ago, we bought the boys ALL the fish gear for Christmas. (the gift that keeps on giving!ugh!). it was SO pretty, THEN we added the fish. it was like in the movie,'Finding Nemo', you know the part where Nemo is fighting for his life?? do you remember the part where the tank is SO dirty that the fish can't breathe? ya, that was our tank. we let my nephew and wife 'fish-sit' them while we were gone on vacation and they never made it back to our place. and they NEVER will. JUST today jack asked when they were coming HOME! again i say, NEVER!!! (in my sweet mommy voice, i said, "honey, they are SO happy there with all their cool new fish friends. we don't want to disrupt the life they now lead. plus joe(our BLASTED cat) would probably eat them". that did it. end of conversation, for now.
    although, i have to say, that toliet is REALLY cool. wonder if it has a 'trap door'? when the fish dies, just open up and down they go! :)
    by the way, how's the potty training going? oh joys.
    thanks for the 'Linkwithin' idea! LOVE it. :)

  4. I've never seen anything like that, amazing! :)

  5. Dearest A, as a friend, I need to ask you to please not go all out with the fish theme. Too fishy. However, I'd love to see the finished product if you really go through with it ;)


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