Friday, June 19, 2009

Excerpts from the Bubbalu and Lil Chick Instruction Book:

*Lil Chick Sleep Hints*

She will probably need a light burp after her bottle, but it is OK to put her to bed kinda awake. It is OK if she cries. She has a harder time falling asleep if you purposely try to rock her to sleep after a bottle. Lately she also seems to be waking herself up just to play and "visit" with us (little stinker is so cute it’s hard to ignore her) so check on her if you must, but don’t pick her up and let her woo you into playing!

*Bubbalu potty training hints*

-our RULE OF UNDERWEAR, “You can wear underwear if you don’t get it wet or dirty”. Ask him the rule, he knows it and should tell you!
-don’t listen to him if he tells you NO when you ask him to go potty. Just tell him, “Bubba, it’s time to go potty NOW”.
-he always takes off both his shorts and underwear when going potty
-If he says, “NO, (pause pause pause)okayyyyy" that means yes.
-If you don’t have his padded toilet seat with you, you have to hold him on the potty or he’ll fall in!
-Give him a book or three to read while sitting on the pot. Or else he’ll start exploring and find things to play with (bleach spray, TP handles, etc.

Yeesh, this might be an interesting weekend...



  1. I like how all the potty-training tips are a result from the trial and errors at Auntie Mimi's house. ;) Have fun!

  2. Hope you guys had a fun time away!! It a lot of work to get all of the gear ready to leave them but mommys need a break sometimes!!


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