Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling The Cabin Fever...

The new Costco coupon book is sitting next to my keyboard mocking me.

Why yes, I would LOVE to purchase a six-night deluxe Maui vacation complete with car rental, daily buffet breakfast and two day spa access. And don't forget the $150 resort credit which I would blow on Pina Coladas and beach side hamburgers.


How many of you fellow SAHM's need a break? I've been feeling a bit o' cabin fever syndrome this past, oh, eight months or so. While I am not quite ready to leave Lil Chick for more than a few nights, a six-night beach vacation sounds like perfection.

For now I'll just throw on my svelticizing swimsuit and lay in my backyard on a bleached out beach towel listening to my summer sun playlist. I'll sip a home made Pina Colada, nosh on my own guacamole burger and wait for the kiddos to wake up from their naps.

Besides, with all the money I've saved by NOT going on the dream Hawaiian beach vacation, I can finally afford this which will nicely compliment my tan.

Whaddya all do to combat Cabin Fever? I need some cheap, easy, toddler friendly ideas. Let's hear em...



  1. Sprinkler parks open tomorrow cornwall or fairhaven parks are your options! My kids love this pack a picnic and you are set! Free and fun! I think they open at 10 and stay open until 6 or so:) also sidewalk chalk at the park is fun make sure to bring a big box then you have plenty to share this is a good way to find playmates for the afternoon as well! Your already have the water bucket idea which is always fun. Oh and for 25 cents you can feed animals at mcphails.

  2. I love the beach (weather permitting:) Thanks for bringing up the Hawaiian vacation. I just got back from Disneyland and now I have a new vacation to plan for:) And your right, the ring would go great with your tan:)

  3. Come to Seattle and have a play date! I can even watch the kiddos while you use up that gift certificate for a facial! :)

    Love, Megs

  4. You are hilarious. I want a huge ring, too. There is a toddler story time at our local library every Thursday morning. You should check out the library near you and see what they have. That's free! Parks are always fun for the kids. The best thing I've taken Maddie to, though, was the national zoo in DC. FREE! :) It's a bit out of the way for you I guess. ha.

  5. Parks and sprinklers are our main means of entertainment during the summer, and they both have the added perk of completely wiping the kids out, so they sleep very well those nights!


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