Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Water Toddlertainment...

Remember this post? Hours and hours (OK, 20 minutes at least) worth of toddlertainment? This is the water toddlertainment summer edition.

I'll remind you again of the time-honored, well known formula:
Toddlers + Water = Hours of entertainment
We all know that a swimming pool is ideal, but sometimes you don't want to go through the whole swimsuit-swim diaper-sunscreen slather routine when it isn't quite hot enough to justify the whole thing. You know they will be shivering and crabby in 14.7 seconds. It's a pain.

And sometimes you just feel lazy.


So, my thrifty easy-peasy solution:
  1. Grab any ole water container. Bucket, basin, large tupperware, tote bin, whatever. (I used a spare plastic tote bin)
  2. Fill halfway with warm water.
  3. Throw plastic measuring cups, ladles and various tub toys in. Don't expect any of it to come back into the house so hold off on the collectibles or items of ANY value.
  4. Spray toddler with sunscreen (yes, I said spray. The spray sunscreen will rock your world).
  5. Hat and sunglasses optional.
  6. Let em at it.

We call it our water station. He knows it's available to play in and spends quite a chunk of time sloshing, splashing and drinking the water.

See the spray bottle? Yes, get one for them at the Dollar Store and let them spray away. Bubbalu keeps our fence, porch, deck, lawn, sandbox, siding, garden, chairs, table and screen door appropriately watered at ALL times.

He's helpful like that.

Enjoy your thrifty fun toddler water stations...but remember to supervise at all times...



  1. What a good little helper watering your screen door and fence like that! :) Looks like enough fun for an adult...and he's rockin' that little haircut! :)

  2. Fabulous! And adorable to boot :)

  3. Isn't this great? :) I did the same thing with Luke yesterday and he LOVED it!

  4. I tried a similar thing with Isaac yesterday but I only gave him a small bucket and two water bottles. That didn't last so I ended up just giving him the hose. I got my yard work project completed and he had fun getting wet. I'll have to get to the dollar store soon so I can get a tub - much cheaper and nicer than those expensive water tables :) Thanks for the tip!

  5. I really love how he "waters" all the things that obviously need it. No need to spend the big bucks on keeping them occupied. Or you can spend it, and regret it later when you find them playing with pots and pans instead :)


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