Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Weekend In Numbers...

We loaded up the Tahoe and headed out of town for a long weekend in Seattle.

4 people.

2 adults.

2 children.

1 Tahoe.

3 nights.

4 days.

27 bags.

2 graduations.

2 missed afternoon naps.

3 minor toddler meltdowns.

1 case of intestinal "objections".

1 migraine.

2 Extra-Strength Tylenol.

1 dinner celebration party.

1 Dungeness Crab Fettuccine Dinner.

2 slices of ice cream cake.

0 DVD players in hotel room.

1 Oreo McFlurry.

2 swimming pool playtimes.

1 shaking wet toddler.

8 muffins smuggled from the continental breakfast.

8 muffins eaten for lunch.

4 loads of laundry to be done.

2 exhausted children who are STILL asleep.

We had a wonderful time but are happy to be home once again...



  1. Ummmm, why only the one McFlurry?? Who was the lucky one?

  2. That's the great thing about vacations...it makes you appreciate your home that much more! We were glad to see ya!

  3. Amanda you are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a great time!

  4. Who do you THINK got the McFlurry? I told Lance, "if I don't get some sort of dessert/chocolate/sugar I'm going to have a meltdown!"

    He agreed with me.


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