Thursday, June 18, 2009


I quickly whipped up some baby food for Lil Chick the other night.

I made all of this food:

From only THREE yams (sweet potatoes, whatever). I paid a total of $3.76. In the grocery store that would have bought approximately 8 pre-made baby food servings. I made close to 60 servings.

Those were some BIG yams. I think one may have been bigger than Lil Chick.

Who is in fact growing like a weed and is more pleasant and fun than I thought possible for a baby:

My little weed went from 13lbs 6oz to 14lbs 4 oz in ONE WEEK. Talk about a growth spurt!

However, I'm sure 1/2 a pound MUST have come from those yams...



  1. Sweet baby girl! She gonna catch up with Olivia soon! We seem to be at a growth stand still recently.

  2. Shes changed a lot since the last picture you posted of her!! Getting to be so big! What a cutie pie!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of weight! Way to go Mommy! :)

  4. Isn't amazing how much money you can save when you cook a few yams yourself?

    So, duck tape, huh? Genius! Do you have to put anything between your skin and the tape? If you can keep running, that's awesome!

    so how did you come to the name Vintage Dutch Girl? i like it. I ask b/c my dad is Dutch, and would call me his little Dutch girl...anyhoo, wondered if you had a dad like mine...

  5. YUMMY YAMS!! I made most of BJ babyfood, too. It's amazing how much you get from so little.

    I cannot believe how big Lil' Chick is getting. And she looks JUST like her big brother. So sweet and gummy, that girl.

    She's catching up with Mia on the weight. We STILL haven't hit the 20 lb. mark yet and she'll be 19 months tomorrow.


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