Monday, July 13, 2009

Crinkle Crinkle...

Yesterday was once again overcast and chilly. A perfect day for soup and hot chocolate...except that it is JULY. Hello!? Summer? Wheredya go? I wasn't finished with you yet!

Because I've been getting bit by those pesky sewing bugs, I gave my husband the 'I must create something or I will freak' look and bolted upstairs to the bonus (craft) room.

I've been trolling the crafting sites recently and feeling completely inspired. However, time and prior commitments (aka children) put a damper on my project list. Every time I'm ready to turn my sewing machine on someone needs a diaper change, to be fed, or I don't know...has POOPED ON THE FLOOR...again.

Which reinforces my my thinking that I need a week or two long staycation. The first few days to clean and get back to normal...whatever that may be...then the rest of the time sewing and crafting to my hearts delight. Sounds like a grand plan to me. As long as no one poops on the floor. Cause no one likes poo on the floor.

However, I did get a few hours to play and craft yesterday. Here's what I managed to create:

Aren't they great!? Aren't they awesome? Don'tcha just LURVE what I made?



You can't tell what they are?

No, it's not just a jumbled pile of flannel and ribbon!

Here's a better look:


They are Crinkle Square Taggies for itty bitty babies thanks to the crafty genius of Joy's Hope. Find the tutorial HERE and get craftin your own Taggies . These are quick, only use a teensy bit of fabric and ribbon and turn out great. Joy suggests using old wipes packages for the crinkle material. I used them as well as a super crinkly shopping bag I had. I put up to three layers in a few of them, and while it made the sewing a bit more challenging, the crinkle-age is worth it!

Lil Chick has been super grabby lately. She loves diaper wipes packages, but I have an issue with her sucking on a bag of wipes that are used to wipe up poo. Just doesn't sit right in my brain. The Crinkle Square Taggies? MUCH BETTER:

And yes, I may have gotten a wee bit carried away and made a few more than necessary.

Like seven.

But who's counting?



  1. Hey! Sooo cute! I've been needing something to do with this pile of left over flannel in my craft closet (I haven't upgraded to a room yet, I just have a closet:)This is the perfect craft:) And I don't know if you noticed on my new blog but we are expecting #3 in Feb!:)

  2. LOL - I'm so glad you told me what they were! That was going to be my comment...but since being enlightened, my comment is: WOW! What a great, clever, affordable idea!! :)

    Crystal L.

  3. Sooooooooo...

    If you made a few more than necessary, are you planning on selling any? Like maybe one? In blue? To me?

    Just curious! ;)

  4. Yeah, what's up with them wanting to chew on the wipes package!? Love it...gonna have to make some over here!

  5. The wipes package is better than the actual wipe (a clean one of course)...Landon loves to suck the "juice" out of them. Yucky!! But,anyway, very cute taggies. My kids loved tags and crinkly stuff too.

  6. So cute! I find it so inspiring that you find time to get crafty. Luv it. Baby girl over here was suckin' on the wipes package at Costco today. You could seriously sell those. Especially to me. Ha ha!

  7. Those are adorable! Everything goes in Kam's mouth these days too :)

  8. I'll take one! :) Levi is a wiggle-worm right now trying to get him diapered or dressed..that would come in handy!

  9. Love them. Hard to make just one isn't it!!!! Your daughter is soooooo cute!!! Just about the same age as my little one. Too fast... sniff, sniff!


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